When a small plane crash in the South of Hesse came to the first findings of the police, three people were killed. The machine crashed on Sunday afternoon at 15.30 o’clock on an asparagus field in Erzhausen near Darmstadt, and burned down completely, the police announced in the evening. The debris were distributed according to a spokeswoman for a Radius of up to 20 meters. The crash site is only a few kilometres from the airfield in Egelsbach, there is the ill-wanted to land the machine. On the way there is an accident then a police car – in the accident two young people die.

The tests to run on the cause of the plane crash. In the six-seater machine, two other passengers were in addition to the pilot. In the case of the Victims, according to initial findings of the police, may be Russian nationals. But they are not as yet identified.

According to information from the German air navigation (DFS) was of the plane to an aircraft manufacturer Epic. The machine was launched on Sunday afternoon from an airfield in the French city of Cannes. Against 15.22 at have opted out of the Pilot with the German air traffic control for the German air space jurisdiction, to the Tower of the Airport of Egelsbach-register, a spokesman said. At the same time, the Pilot from instrument flight to visual flight had passed, which was a common method. At the time of the accident the machine had been under the control of the German air traffic control.

The accident site was spaciously. In addition to the officials of the criminal investigation Department has been involved as usual in such cases, the Federal Agency for flight accident investigation in the investigation into the cause of the accident. In addition, there are numerous forces of police and rescue organisations in the surrounding communities rushed to spot to crash. The rescue of a police, were difficult to work spokeswoman, according to the fact that at the time of the crash and the fire pollutants were released. Therefore, the rescue would have powers and can only move very carefully.

Two people die in collision with police car

Only a few kilometers away from the crash site arrived in a head-on collision between a police action and a further car two people were killed. As a spokesman for the police in Offenbach, said on Sunday that injured the three occupants of the patrol car hard. The two occupants in the car of the alleged accident died at the scene of the accident, it was the police indicate that a 24-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman.

The police officials, two men and a woman, according to preliminary findings, with the blue light on the way to the crash site of the aircraft, said a police spokeswoman. Two of the seriously injured were brought by helicopter to a hospital, a victim in the ambulance.