by Law, the Insured will in future have to get a doctor’s appointment. The minimum number of weekly office will be increased Insured hours for the law from 20 to 25 hours. Certain doctors will have to offer in addition, five hours per week, the Insured may take place without prior appointment.

The corresponding date of service act, the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) adopted by the Bundestag on Thursday with the votes of the Grand coalition. “This bill will make the supply faster, better and digital,” said the Minister in the debate in Parliament is convinced.

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these are the worst things to listen to patients by medical professionals

Lauterbach: removal of two classes of medicine

When a doctor gives his patient an urgent specialist appointment, he gets to it in the future, a subsidy of at least ten Euro. The treating specialist shall receive remuneration outside his budget. The same is true for services that are provided in the open office hour times.

In the case of mediation by a date of service, the physicians come in addition to the pleasure of waiting times staggered surcharge. Since 2016, the existing Appointment, the physicians ‘ associations will in future be available around the clock and on the Internet and by phone on the number 116117.

The package of measures should actually be called “law for the removal of the Two-class medicine,” said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach, the expected Benefits of the Reform. Because of the large coalition of concern in order to ensure that legally Insured in the future would not have to wait more months for a doctor’s appointment.

Spahn-study in criticism

“We know that abortion in itself is not a negative psychological consequences”

DPA Opposition: bureaucracy instead of time for patient

the speakers from The Opposition, however, expressed significant criticism of the law, in addition to the changes in the appointments are also numerous other Changes in other areas, such as the digitization of health care, the HIV-Prevention or the supply of vaccines. to end

Instead of the Two-class-medicine, will be introduced three classes of medicine, as Doctors should, in future, prefer the over the new law-mediated patients in the waiting room Seat, criticised the AfD’s Deputy, Axel Gehrke. Spahns plans led away from the self-administration and the planned economy.

The FDP member of Parliament, Christine ash, mountain-Dugnus accused Spahn, to do nothing against excessive bureaucracy: “I think in the rule of law, not a single sentence of how you might facilitate the physician’s daily life, so that more treatment time for patients could be available.”


Open letter

your populist misogyny is getting ridiculous, Mr. Spahn!

Coexistence of private and state

The Left-health expert, Achim Kessler remains criticized, the “Central Problem” of health care, the co-existence of private and statutory health insurance, will not be addressed by the Federal government. “The law will continue to draw the short straw, as Doctors can earn from private patients is a multiple of the Insured.”

The Greens criticised the planned subsidies for the Doctors. “Smaller and more expensive, isn’t it,” said Green MEP Maria Klein-Schmeink. In order to improve the position of the Insured compared to the private patients, would have been enough for a “simple prohibition of discrimination”.

Spahn instead used the debate to draw a positive interim balance sheet of his work since the beginning of the process of the Grand coalition on the day exactly a year ago. Also Klein-Schmeink made reference to the anniversary and advised the Minister to “less fast shots for the great headline” and “less Investment in the brand, Jens Spahn”. Instead, they wish the Minister, “more courage to tackle the real problems of the future”.

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