In Australia, a man in front of the court, to have held a young woman from Belgium, two days in a Stall, trapped and repeatedly raped. The public Prosecutor assumes, that the 54-year-old Charles B. has the victim on the pretext that she could work with him on his Farm curly, reported the Australian newspaper “The Sydney Morning Herald”. Accordingly, the 24-year-old backpacker in 2017 should be sought to the Ads Website Gumtree for a Job, and the Farmer have been in touch with your contact.

reported, such As the state lawyer Michael Foundas in the district court of South Australia, arranged for the two to Meet in Adelaide, Charles B., the young woman picked up his car at a bus stop and brought her to his Farm, about 150 kilometres from Adelaide. According to a statement from the Belgian, he had brought her there in an “old, dirty pigsty,” and then with a held weapon, which would later prove to be spurious, forced to take off her clothes. He should have tied her up and repeatedly raped. “This was a premeditated and well thought-out Plan,” said Foundas before the court.

murder of transsexual wife

Boiled feet, dismembered corpse of the Horror of apartment no 3

By Ellen Ivits

According to the Prosecutor, the said barn is only 700 meters from the house in which the man lives with his family.

defendant argues all allegations ab

at some point, it should be the young woman finally managed to loosen the shackles and to send with your Laptop messages to the police and relatives. Then a search began. The 24-Year-old fled not, but put yourself in the shackles again, because Charles B. had threatened to kill them if they tried to escape, explained, however, the Prosecutor in court.

The next day brought the farmers, the young woman however, back to Adelaide and left it there in a Motel, because he should have learned of the police search. There, the police found later the young woman.

Charles B. denies all accusations. His lawyers told the court that everything is pure invention. The woman was never held against her will and there had been no sexual contact between her and the accused.

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On a cold day in November, Dmitry Grachew drove his wife into the forest. He tied you up and forced you to lay your hands on a tree stump. Then he struck with the axe.

By Ellen Ivits ivi