“I did what I believed in doing,” said Kurt Kaser, “and it worked”. The Farmer from the U.S. state of Nebraska may have escaped a painful death, “he would have done the”: to amputate his own leg with a pocket knife.

The 63-Year-old unloaded grain on his Farm, such as Kaser told the US channel NBC News after the accident. He was with one foot, apparently in an auger (the device is not being named by NBC News): The machine transported grain by means of a rotating screw in higher storage containers. The heavy machine drew Kaser is always more in the hopper. “I was sure that I’m going to faint,” he told NBC News, “but something told me that I have to hold on”. Otherwise, it could have been the incident may be fatal: He had not been alone, his family, hours on the road, the help, the machine got mangled in vision while his leg. About five minutes the ordeal lasted.

“I could feel I was nervous,

separated” After a failed rescue attempt have resorted to Kaser to a pocket knife that he carried, and his own leg amputated. “I could feel I was nervous and broke it off,” – quoted by NBC News. “Finally, I was able to solve me and to crawl to my house.” There arrived the father of three children and have chosen promptly to the emergency and was taken to hospital. After a week in the hospital and two weeks in rehab in a clinic, he had been on Friday dismissed.

Although he is now the lower part of his left leg, Kaser optimistic: “I have seen other people in the hospital and I still have most of my leg,” he told NBC News. “There are a lot of people sitting in a wheelchair and never walk again. You have to remember that.” He hope to be able to with a prosthesis to walk again – appropriate conversations, he would run currently with his Doctors. “I want to be back on the road and I know I will.”

source: NBC News