In the allocation of visas for family reunification of refugees with limited protection status is exhausted after a newspaper report meanwhile, the fixed quota of 1000 per month.

last December, 1050 Visa had been granted, in January 1096, writes the newspaper “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”, citing Figures from the Federal Ministry of the interior. This month it will be up to 18. February 701. “Family reunification has commenced travel, the procedures have been recorded,” said a Ministry spokesman, the newspaper said.

The family reunification for refugees with limited protection, often civil war refugees from Syria, had been exposed to in 2016. Since August of 2018, he is again possible. He came, but initially only slowly. Until the beginning of November, only 786 members had received a visa to enter Germany. The end of the year, the number skyrocketed, so that there were 2018 finally, 2612 Visa. For the year as a whole agreed quota of 5000 members was missed, however, is clear. In this limit, the CDU/CSU and SPD had agreed after tough negotiations.

The newspaper, according to a report in mid-February in the German embassies 36,000 requests for appointments from people who want to come on family reunification to Germany. It follows from the answer of the Federal government to an oral question of the Left MPs Ulla Jelpke. This demanded that the limit of 1000 people in a month to be abolished. “The restrictions must be immediately withdrawn. The right to family reunification must apply to all refugees,” said the inner politician of the Left.