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Faker Complete Biography: Net Worth, History, Age, Height, Awards

Faker’s History, story, Age, Net Worth

Full Name: Lee Sang-hyeok is his full name and Faker is his nickname.
Birthday: Faker was born in Seoul, South Korea in the year of 1996 and on the day of 7 May.
Age: Lee Sang-hyeok is only 23 years old
Height: The height of Lee Sang-hyeok is 1.76 M



Faker, this name was heard in the year of 2012. It was the time when Riot (which is an American game Developer) firstly launched their official leadership game which was named as “League of Legends” in the country of Korea. As the player of Najin and MIG were playing their very first competitive match with one another. It was becoming not so tough to find out the outstanding skill players on a number of the streaming platform, many people were also interested in seeing of player that how they playing in the tiers of high ranked. Seeing of playing these highly skilled players by people was just like enjoying the Competitive games. Among these skilled players, someone was present who just attain the attention of many people. Two outstanding and highly skilled players were present at that time, there is no one who can beat these two.

First of them is named as “Bengi“. He was the skilled player who becomes the World Champion not for a single time but for the Three-time.

Second one is “Faker” who was literally much more terrifying than Bengi and his full name is Go-Jeon-Pa. So that’s how he make his great entrance on the Scene. There are many rumors about him which were said by other players that “He might be the professional player who is playing on the Smurf or he also may be the player who came from other countries and now practicing in Korea”. But when they know the truth about this only 17-years old guy, they become shocked and say that how only a High School student has extraordinary skills for playing.

Interesting Fact about Faker:

It was investigated that if on that time, there is any advancement in the normal matchmaking System, then it would be really difficult for Faker to maintain his existence. He began to play those games that are higher in rank. It was truly a very complicated time for his entire career. Later on, he was the guy who changes the History of League of Legends.


Lee Sang-hyeok is a professional South Korean Gamer. He has a great interest in solving difficult puzzle games. This talent just boosts and polish his great analytical skills. Not only this, he is the great man who draw maps for MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game or chaos and he also makes maps for Warcraft III.

He was introduced by the great World of “League of Legends” in the year of 2011, after this he became an addict of this game. Because of the madness of this game he has to drop out from his high school. But because of his outstanding game skills in the year of 2013, he was hired by SKT (South Korean Telecom). Later on, he got selected as a midlaner in ‘SKT T1 K’ in the League of Legends World Championship. From that day he decided that he will never even think about the past. After this many of the times, Lee has been awarded the honorary award of Best “League of Legends”. As by nature he was a helpful and Calm man, he always helps his team to remain in Top three in each season.

He became eligible for World Championship 2016, without any hard work but because of his exceptional skills, his team play very well until the final rounds and resume their great performance in all rounds. In the last rounds, which was final, the Samsung Galaxy team was badly defeated by SKT T1 team. And Lee again won the World Championship for the 3rd time in his life. So “Faker” was selected as the “Most Valuable Player” of all this tournament.

In the Year of 2017, there is again a great Tournament held in South Korea where Faker has cheated by “Flash Varus ult” which was sent by the opponent team. In the end, Samsung Galaxy won and defeat the Faker team with a 3-0 score.

Awards and Achievements:

Before the beginning of his gaming Career. Lee Sang-hyeok just won many prizes and honorary Awards from different tournaments and gaming events. 2013-2014: Between this year he has won two times “Hot Six Awards” and also for the two times he won “Pandora TV Awards“. In 2015: Faker won “Grand Prize” of the year and also the great and only one “Republic of Korea esports Popularity Award” Also in this year, he got the award ” Republic of Korea e-sports Legends League Most Valuable Player Award” In 2016 : In this year, he won ” World Championship Most Valuable Player”

Personal Life:

Lee Sang-took wishes to start his studies after the end of e-sports career. He has a very shy and calm nature, so he becomes very uncomfortable while speaking to the public. As he does not know how to speak English, so he gives their answer with the aid of a translator. Lee is an unmarried guy. He loves to take care of the pot plant. He is eager to wear sports dresses.

Net Worth: The Net worth of Faker is about $7 million.

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