With legal, or at least questionable methods and Tricks to help have the AfD on Twitter artificially more coverage, attention and relevance in public discourse and in a targeted mood for made. This emerges from a joint Research of “t-online.de” and the news site “netzpolitik.org”.

Therefore, should not only have been many Fake Accounts created, but also in the run-up to already being targeted with followers-by-step Profiles AfD politicians for their own use. As an example, both reports argue, among other things, the (now disabled) Twitter profile of AfD-man Dieter Laudenbach, had it done in April of this year, in the run-off election for the mayor election in the Thuringian town of Gera, where ultimately, however, clearly lost.

Battle of the Bots

CSU members Rezo throw purchased clicks – but then Twitter strikes back

AfD-politician has at once Account with 70,000 followers

Laudenbach confirmed to “t-online.de” that he had been called before the runoff election and during the conversation asked whether they should not set up a Twitter Account. The AfD-politician said and continued according to the report, only a little later, under the Handle “@AfDOBLaudenbach” the first Tweet to his 70,000 Followers, including many Spam Accounts.

Like the time-consuming Research showed, had the account previously several other names, depending on the current provision. In the parliamentary election in 2017, it said according to the report, yet “@FDPAussteigerin”. The contrasting Tweets should specify, therefore, that here is a disappointed FDP-voter tweet – content for the purposes of the AfD, of course. Also before and after the Name of the account had been changed again and again. So he was called “@JazumDiesel”, “@ZukunftDEU”, “@fina24de” or “@Sweet_Xenia”. In their articles, both media to run a few more examples of this type.

The Change of the Handles, so the Account Name, the stress is “t-online” and “netzpolitik.org” whether on the part of Twitter and in many cases, is also useful. And yet, the Laudenbach profile”, an example is tricked, as in the case of the AfD, as with the alleged reach and support an impression is to be made,” writes “t-online.de”.

campaign from Iran

hundreds of Fake Accounts deleted: Facebook and Twitter misleading people”

DPA Fake Accounts like stop “and retweet each other

Behind practices of this kind to a man from Münster, in the Reports Markus B. called, has worked on a fee basis for the Federal office of the AfD, as a spokesman “netzpolitik.org” confirmed. Mr. B. had been to 2018 “briefly for the AfD, the Association of the Federal office working”, in the meantime, the service had been cancelled ratio but, because it is “have very different views on working methods” have been given.

In the two Reports, it is said that in the course of the Research, the suspicion had arisen that B. put behind the numerous Fake Accounts that supported the AfD, for example, by mutual Retweeting and Liking posts, and, among other things, which had been created to be held on Sunday the European elections. “Characteristics such as Similarities in profile pictures or header images with similar Designs or sayings point to the fact that the Accounts could come from a single source,” says “netzpolitik.org”. Markus B. however, disputed in the two Reports that he was in charge of the Profiles.

Purchased Followers

The Follower factory – the shadow industry of the Fake works Accounts

Gernot Kramper, A Account put more than 107,000 Tweets – since January, 2018

the daily news reported on Thursday morning, in your facts finder that the AfD had “a whole network of Accounts, which relate to each other and each other retweet”. Through the various Profiles of thousands of Tweets would be published for the purposes of the AfD, they say.

especially in the past few weeks, so just in time before the European elections, had been a lot of new Accounts created with profile pictures, which were searched for from the Internet. Thus, the image of an alleged Twitter user, the call to “Beate” come from a Russian Website, on the go beauty tips. Accordingly, the account has – although only in April 2018, over 1000 Followers, “including various AfD members, as well as other accounts of alleged women remarkably, a lot of tweeting – that is, already”.

An Account, the alleged owner is called “Petra”, have sold more than 107,000 in posting, since January of this year. Also in this case, several of the AfD were among the followers-to find politicians, according to the report, which lists further examples.


Before the “Midterms”: Facebook deletes suspicious Fake Accounts

REUTERS U.S. researchers: AfD dominated by Facebook

the First on Wednesday night, the ZDF had in the “today journal” (here’s the post in the Video) on a previously unpublished study by Trevor Davis, a Professor at the George Washington University, reported. The US media, scientists could find out in its investigation that on Facebook, tens of thousands of Accounts of “doubtful authenticity” to make mood and advertising for right-wing parties like the AfD.

Facebook users Hate Zouidi – as he calls himself, at least – for example, posing on his profile picture in front of the Tunisian flag and post mainly in Arabic. Surprising: Zouidi, which obviously has nothing to do with Germany, has more than “one hundred pages of AfD politicians and Kresiverbänden as the AfD Case-marked Gerau Süd “Like””, – stated in the report.

Davis, who attested to the AfD in its study, Facebook is in the party dominate the comparison clearly, to have discovered, therefore, tens of thousands of such Accounts, the owner lives in the profile information, according to in Africa, South America, in Eastern Europe or in the Arab region. Despite some thousands of miles away to Germany and not on English posts would follow the Account-holder even the smallest AfD pages. For Davis, a clue that there Profiles are Fake – especially since this “all on the similar way, (),” – said the scientist to the ZDF.

“this is something we have not found in any other country in the world, and we have been investigating,” said Davis more. “That should be of concern to the Germans.”

source: “t-online.de” / “netzpolitik.org” / “tagesschau.de” / ZDF “heute Journal”