Seven weeks after the murder of President of the government, Walter Lübcke have come together in Kassel, Germany, around 8,000 people to the protests against the Right. The police announced on Saturday morning. You demonstrate on three major events against a lift, which was announced by the micro-party “rights”. The venue of the extreme Right has been completely sealed off. By noon still no participants were on-site. Actually, the Elevator should start already at 12.00 noon. Incident reports there was initially.


participants of the would be counter-demonstration against the Right, in Kassel, Germany

©Swen Pförtner DPA

The party of “rights” speaks of the instrumentalisation of the fact that the rights in the proximity of violence and Terror. The city of Kassel had failed before the Hessian administrative court of justice with the attempt to forbid the onslaught of the extreme Right.

“Even if we are aware from the very start was that the hurdles for a ban are very high, we wanted to be as a city no stone unturned to prevent the Assembly or parade in the city centre or in front of the government Bureau,” said mayor Christian fellow (SPD).

police in Kassel, Germany, is gearing up for large-scale use of

Through a support know it to have succeeded, at least, to banish Assembly and parade from the downtown, so a bachelor. It is also the legacy of murdered government of President Lübcke is that you have to show counter-marches of extreme right-wing groups clear edge. After the Internet violence calls were, gearing up the police for a large-scale operation. Buses and street of the Kasseler verkehrsgesellschaft (KVG) highways remain from early in the Morning in the Depots.

Walter Lübcke (CDU) was on 2. June in his house in the district of Kassel had been shot. The attorney General is a right-wing Background. The 45-year-old Stephan E. had confessed to the crime, and then his confession is revoked.

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After the murder of Walter Lübcke

thousands protest against rights Demo in Kassel


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