The CDU economic Council has accused Greens leader Robert Habeck in the debate on the expropriations in the fight against the housing shortage is a “grip in the mothballs of socialism”.

“A Habecks fantasies show very clearly that The Greens are a watermelon party – stay green on the outside and red on the inside,” said General Secretary Wolfgang Steiger of the “New osnabrück newspaper”. “The voters should let the bourgeois coat of paint fool you”. The CDU-affiliated Council is not an official organization of the party. He claimed to represent, nationwide, about 12,000 entrepreneurs.

Habeck had said, expropriations, and he does not think that, in principle, conceivable. If, for example, the owner of idle land wanted to build, nor to the city to sell, must, if necessary, the consequences of the expropriation, he told the “Welt am Sonntag”. But it must be asked whether the funds would be used for the compensation in case of expropriation, could not be with a larger effect used in a different way. Nationwide had demonstrated on Saturday tens of thousands against rising Rents. In Berlin, a unique people, began at the same time, request for the expropriation of large housing corporations.

Also, FDP General Secretary Nicola Beer criticized Habeck. “More housing can only Build by Build, Build will be created,” said the partner Newspapers of the New Berlin-based editorial company (Tuesday). To speak “In this Situation, expropriation, however, there is not a single apartment in addition, the state spends billions for existing housing. Secondly, a little bit freaked out so any Investor. This is socialist thinking.” Similar to the CDU economic Council, argued: “if you want to build, you need land, lower building costs and efficient administrations,” said Secretary General of climbers.