After a devastating Explosion in a chemical plant in East China the number of victims has increased dramatically: 47 people were killed in the accident in the city of Yancheng (Jiangsu province) killed, 90 people were severely injured, many of whom are in critical condition. The local government of Yancheng informed on Friday. Immediately after the accident, on Thursday, the speech was first of six dead.

The pressure wave of the Explosion in a chemical Park in the city damaged by the building facades in the area and destroyed numerous Windows, how to detect on video recordings of the accident. 640 people were killed according to the authorities lacerations, and other injuries and went for treatment in hospitals.

“All the doors and Windows ripped out”

Many cars, residential houses and other buildings had been damaged by the force of the Explosion partially a few kilometers away from the accident. Rescuers brought thousands of workers and inhabitants of surrounding villages in safety.

“All the doors and Fixed were torn in our house and parts of the ceiling fell down,” said an 18-year-old resident of the German press Agency (DPA). The young woman lives with her family about two miles from the site of the accident. “Fortunately, nobody was home.” In Kindergarten, her younger sister, many injured. “We have heard it twice, according to pop. Then the window shattered suddenly,” said the owner of a workshop in the vicinity of the industrial Park. One of his employees had been injured by the shards.

Several schools and kindergartens in the disaster site remained closed on Friday. Authorities tested the air and water quality and possible contamination.

Explosion in China: The impact of the destruction Fullscreen ©China Out/ DPA leadership in Beijing, alarmed

the Explosion was Triggered after the first Reports of a fire in a chemical factory the company Jiangsu Tianjiayi making, according to the state news Agency Xinhua, mainly pesticides and 195 people employed.

Xinhua quoted eye-witnesses, the languages of many of the blood-smeared people. Also, workers in were factory buildings collapsed been included.

The accident alerted the senior leadership in Beijing. President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang gave instructions for the rescue work, informed the authorities in Yancheng.

a reminder of the disaster of Tianjin in China

The Explosion is reminiscent of the biggest disaster of this kind in the North-East Chinese metropolis of Tianjin. There camp had been killed in August 2015 at the tremendous Detonation of a Chemical in the port 173 of the people. China’s government had announced to want to the chemical storage and factories of the country on security risks test.

Nevertheless, it’s still coming regularly to severe industrial accidents. In the case of the Explosion of the chemicals-Laden truck at least 23 people died in Northern China last November. Months before that, had come in a fire in a chemical plant in East China four people were killed.

dho / DPA