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ban on the sale of iPhone models comes into force (19.38 PM)helper after gas explosion in Russia search (17.12 PM) Macrons speechwriter’s Post (16.52 hrs)Federal police takes alleged rapist of a 13-Year-old (16.16 PM)Ireland will ask the EU in the case of hard-Brexit-million-emergency funding (16.05 PM)police release crime scene after the attacks in the cities of Bottrop and Essen (15.32 PM)

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+++ 23. 39 PM: Explosion in front of the AfD office in Döbeln – backgrounds-unclear +++

in Front of an AfD office in the Saxon town of Döbeln, there has been an Explosion. An unknown substance was gone, a police spokesman said. The background of the Explosion were initially unclear. No one was hurt.

At the house, as well as to adjacent building panels and doors were the speaker that is damaged. In addition, there should be damage to vehicles. In addition, the promotional material had burned, the spokesman said. The amount of the property damage was initially unclear.

As the head of the police of the “Leipziger Volkszeitung” said, there is the suspicion of a politically-motivated Crime. The police spokesman confirmed this evening. This is the subject of the investigation, he said. The LKA was involved. The police blocked the area on a large scale. The fire brigade was spot on.

+++ 19.54 Uhr: US Democrat Pelosi again to the Chairman of the house of representatives +++

elected The Democrat, Nancy Pelosi has once again been the Chairman of the US house of representatives elected. The 78-year-old longtime group leader of the Democrats is the politically most powerful woman in the country – and the strongest opponent of President Donald Trump. She was President of the Congress chamber already from 2007 to 2011.

+++ 19.38 PM: ban on the sale of iPhone models in force +++

After the success in the patent dispute with the iPhone maker Apple in court in Munich, the US chip group Qualcomm set a sales ban of several older models of the iPhone in Germany. Apple announced plans to appeal. In the patent dispute between the two companies, Apple had suffered in December before the regional court I of Munich a defeat. This made it possible for Qualcomm, against payment of a security Deposit without further court decision prohibition of a sale to enforce. Of the iPhone are affected-models 7plus, 7, 8, 8plus, and X. As a spokesperson from Apple said, will not be during the appeals process iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models in each of the 15 Apple Stores in Germany, available. All of the models are but still to 4300 other locations in Germany, for example, via a re-seller available.

+++ 19.16 PM: Brazil’s new government announces ideological “cleansing” of +++

Brazil’s new government under right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro is Serious with the announcement of the “cleansing” of the administration: employees in the ministries, which do not lie with the government ideologically on a line, are to be dismissed as Minister of state for Onyx Lorenzoni said after the first Cabinet meeting. The government is going to clean the “house”. The measure is aimed at supporters of left-wing parties, particularly the opposition labour party, which introduced in 2003 to 2016 the government. The aim is “to banish the socialist and Communist ideas” from the ministries, said Lorenzoni.

+++ 18.38 watch: strikes in the money transportation industry Friday to go further +++

In the collective bargaining dispute for higher wages for workers in the cash-in-transit industry, it is the third day in a row to Strikes. The work stoppages would continue on Friday, shared several regional associations of the trade Union Verdi. On Wednesday and Thursday, thousands of Workers on strike had increased the pressure on the employers ‘ side. The Union called on the workers in the sector, an increase in the hourly rate to 1.50 euros per year over two years.

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