abrasions, bone fractures, head injuries: doctors and accident experts believe that the admission of electric scooters in many German cities, with an increase of accidents and significant injuries to drivers and other road users.

the deaths are from other countries. But how dangerous are the small runabouts really are?

“That there will be massive problems between E-Scooter-riders and other road users, is obvious. The only question is: How serious these problems are?”, Siegfried Brockmann, the accident research of the insurers (UDV) says. As long as there is no experience available, it is difficult to answer this question.

“We know from international studies and data, that the violation potential in the E-Scooter-Ride is very high,” says Christopher Spering of the clinic for accident surgery of the University medical center Göttingen. “I wonder if we are well enough prepared for it.”

notes to the risk of injury, for example, can give studies from the USA, where electric scooter approved for a long time. At the beginning of the year, scientists had analysed data that comes from the emergency outpatient clinics of two hospitals in southern California: Therefore, 249 patients, according to a E-Scooter accident came in the two clinics within one year in the emergency room. Most of them were killed in an accident as a driver. The most common injuries, head injuries, followed by fractures, contusions, compressions and lacerations. 15 patients had to be treated in hospital, two arrived with severe head injuries to the intensive care unit. “These injuries we have,” says Brockmann.

What is E-Scooter make in comparison to a Bicycle, particularly, was, among other things, the Position of the driver, explained Spering. He is standing upright on a short Board and I only have a small Arm to Hold on to. This relatively shaky Position of the driver Spering sees as the main risk for an accident. Add to that: The driver could not show a change of direction, since one-handed Driving was possible. The more difficult it is other road users, the driving behavior to assess. Also, braking and acceleration not to be seen – and this all-in-one already or congested traffic network, that is to say: on busy roads and Paths.

Spering reported two cases from his clinic, where the E-Scooter driver due to a dislocation fracture in the area of the ankle joint were treated. Both are advised in case of a fall with the foot under the foot Board. The physicians attributed to accidents with skull-brain-traumas, “because the head is just exposed so Expo”. In addition, it is likely to be fractures and other injuries to hands and arms.

scooter rider could remain in the case of collisions on the Board, says Brockmann. In a collision with another traffic participant, you would be catapulted from the footboard. The risk of injury in the collision would add then that the impact on the floor. In the case of a collision with a pedestrian, especially the collision of the two bodies could result in serious injury.

Crucial for the safety of the scooter, the stability of the Companion, the slopes of which, in turn, largely determined by the size of the wheels: the larger, the more stable the vehicle is. Larger wheels also ensure that E-wheels Scooter better over uneven surfaces such as cobblestones, without tilting itself. However, the scooter make larger wheels, less transportable, and detract from one of the advertised advantages is that you can take with you easily in the Bus and train.

Brockmann expects, especially in the first few months, with many accidents – also according to your own test Scooter rides with a E -. “You believe pretty quickly that it is safe on the road.” However, experience in the traffic were missing reactive – such as the scooter, when suddenly a pedestrian appeared and you had to quickly Dodge. In addition, they wanted to test rapidly the speed. The mid-may agreed authorisation rules, that E-scooters are allowed a maximum of 20 kilometers per hour on bike paths, use on walkways is prohibited.

Some Doctors even fear an increased risk of Paraplegia. The Boom of E-Bikes have led to an increase in such injuries, with the approval of the E-Scooter is also expected with more work, had stressed the First Chairman of the German-speaking Medical society for Paraplegiology (DGMP), Yorck-Bernhard Kalke, in the middle of may. As the concern of the physician is justified in principle, shows the recent death of two E-Scooter riders in Sweden and France.

The next few months will show whether the existing legal regulations need to be adjusted or not. It is conceivable, for example, the current minimum age of 14 years, up to reset or to make a licence condition for Driving.

A certain degree of problems and accidents, one must tolerate, however, says accident researcher Brockmann: “We do not forbid know how to drive the bike because there are bike accidents.”