North Korea builds, according to experts in the United States, apparently, a rocket launch facility at a rapid pace.

The new construction activity in Sohae, on the West coast be seen in satellite images, only two days after the unsuccessful disarmament summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un had been made last Thursday in Hanoi, reported the Website of the “Beyond Parallel”.

The plant had been used in the past, among others for satellite launches. The technology of launchers corresponds in many points of inter-continental missiles.

The center for Strategic and International studies (CSIS) connected to the site sees itself as an expert platform to the issues of reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

The facility in Sohae had not been operated since August 2018, it said. The images suggested, therefore, that “the current activities with intent and purpose to be addressed”. The authors suggest that North Korea is pursuing a rapid reconstruction.

trump is the second Meeting with Kim had gone without a final Declaration. Both sides were in the Central question of divided, like North Korea of its nuclear weapons and missile Arsenal to disarm and to give consideration to it.

Kim had announced, according to the South Korean President, Moon Jae In at their Meeting in September, to allow the test facility for Rocket engines in Sohae launch and the launch pad under the supervision of international inspectors to dismantle. The US experts had previously reported in July, North Korea had begun dismantling important parts of the missile system.


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