Actually, it can be only the unwavering hope for a miracle, and it drives the helpers in the South of Spain. Eleven days ago, the two-year-old Julen fell into a 100 metres deep, illegal well.

Since then, hundreds of workers have used heavy equipment to the disaster: pile drivers, excavators, bulldozers, cranes, drill. Your Plan for the salvation of the young: A parallel shaft drilling and then a horizontal connecting passage to the well shaft to dig, it will be assumed in the two-year-old.

setbacks in the search for Julen

But since the beginning of the action, there were always setbacks, and there may also be errors: A first Plan to dig a tunnel in the mountain slope failed, because he caved in time and again, then a hole was too tight and had to be enlarged. In addition, the volunteers kept coming across chunks of rock, which delayed the Work.

two-year-old in the borehole like

in Spite of setbacks: rescuers get closer to the little Julen always


Now, finally, the action goes into the decisive Phase. Meanwhile, eight experienced miners are ready for the descent. As soon as all the safety questions, you should be a capsule in the rescue shaft down – every 30 minutes, in teams of two, equipped with pickaxes, Jackhammers and oxygen masks. Your task: to dig the tunnel down to the spot of the Julen is suspected. An extremely difficult and dangerous task. Because of the Close, the men can only work kneeling or lying down.

How long will it take the miners to the young penetration, is able to say, however, no one. In extreme cases, this last stage can last for many days to come. And then?

Boy in the well shaft plunged

Vertical Tunnel: want to the Saviour it is now to small Julen preparatory work


For eleven days, no sign of life from Julen, there are even a hundred percent certainty that he is, in fact, at the presumed height of the fountain’s shaft. In TV shows, lay to Express, and even experts proclaimed the presumption that the Boy was not toppled down. However, the rescuers found in the shaft, a bag of candy that had Julen, and a little later also hair of the child.

“We will not go away without Julen”

“I plunged on the Opening, and he was not there. I hear him cry, but soon I heard him,” said Julens father, José, in front of journalists in tears. “My son is here.” And also who is involved in the rescue operation, can not understand the doubts of the misfortune.

The Deputy delegate of the Madrid Central government in Andalusia, María Gámez, said, citing various experts on the well, you have “certainty” that the Boy was at the bottom of the hole. “I’m sure we’re not leaving here without Julen.”

The miners are ready with their tools. And with the hope of a miracle.

wue / DPA, and AFP Material