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Ex-VW boss Winterkorn, due to diesel scandal 12: 53 PM)accused accused (judicial officer because of published national arrest warrant (12.02 PM)EU copyright reform, decided to definitively (10: 27)Manhole-attack: No evidence of Terror (9.52 PM)shot out of the diaper bag hits the father and the child (3.54 PM)

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+++ 12.53 PM: the Prosecutor has brought charges against Ex-VW boss Winterkorn +++

In the diesel scandal will be levied charges against Ex-VW boss Winterkorn. The news Agency AFP reported, citing judicial circles.

soon more

+++ 12.34 PM: the Kremlin Meeting between Putin and Kim Jong Un before +++

Russia prepares to Meet Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin with North Korea before leader Kim Jong-Un. The bestägte Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday in Moscow, the Agency Interfax according to. Such a meeting had long been spoken of. When and where it’s supposed to come to an interview, said Peskov. So far, he could say nothing Concrete.

South Korean media had previously reported that it could already come in the next week to a Meeting. The Kremlin chief to the 24. April travel in the far East of Russia. The chances for a summit this time were pretty good, it said, citing non-closer-called source. Putin wants to on 26. and 27. April to attend an international Forum in Beijing.

+++ 12.29 PM: Copenhagen: 23 arrests after riots +++

After riots during a Demonstration of anti-Islam politician in Copenhagen, the police have detained 23 people. Six of them should be demonstrated on Monday a judge, informed the police of the Danish capital on Twitter.

The extreme right-wing Islam critics Rasmus Paludan had called for the Demonstration in the Copenhagen district of Nørrebro. He was attacked, according to police information of counter-demonstrators. In the connection it came up in the Monday night riots and clashes with the police. A number of cars and rubbish containers were set on fire.

+++ 12.19 PM: study: Germans are getting richer +++

stocks and especially real estate make all the difference: According to data from the Bundesbank, the household assets are distributed still unequal – even when they have risen an average. The Bundesbank study on “households and their finances” (PHF).

Therefore, belong to the richest ten percent of households, 55 per cent of the total net assets – i.e. the assets less liabilities. In the previous study, in 2014, it was 60 percent. The bottom half of the households must be content to remain unchanged at a meager 3 percent. The remainder of net assets is in the possession of 40 percent of the households.

+++ 12.13 PM: Disneyland Paris, dispensed to plastic drinking straws +++

The Paris Disneyland dispensed with plastic drinking straws. The largest amusement Park in Europe announced that as of Thursday, only drinking would be issued straws made from compostable paper to the visitors and that too only on their explicit request. The measure is part of a Plan, with the Disneyland green.

Starting next week will not be spent, therefore, plastic bags free of charge to guests, but for one to two euros sold. In several of the eight Hotels, which belong to the plant in Marne-la-Vallée, to the Southeast of Paris, to small shower or Shampoo bottle will be replaced by bottles that can be refilled. In the EU, plastic products such as drinking straws are disposable prohibited from 2021.

+++ 12.02 PM: arrest warrant on the Internet: charges against law enforcement officers +++

In Saxony has been brought criminal charges against a judicial officer, after the violent death of a German in Chemnitz, photographed a warrant by phone, and given to third parties. The Dresden Prosecutor accuses the suspended public servant “breach of confidentiality in coincidence with the forbidden communications about judicial proceedings”. The default parameters are already in the 28. August 2018 the day before, issued a warrant, photographed, forwarded, and so the “uncontrolled release”. In the case of a conviction a fine or imprisonment threaten him.

The arrest warrant was issued against a suspected Iraqi, but then canceled again. Since March, a Syrian asylum-seekers in Dresden must answer for itself because of the killing of a 35-Year-old in court. He denies the allegations. The 23-Year-old, together with a volatile Iraqis on 26. August 2018 in Chemnitz, a 35-Year-old stabbed to death. The fact had led to xenophobic Attacks and demonstrations of right-wing forces with numerous offences.

+++ 11.56 am: the Rarest turtle species of the world shortly before the Disappearance +++

The rarest species of turtle in the world is on the brink of extinction. The fourth last copy of the Yangtze giant soft turtle died on Saturday in a Zoo in the Chinese city of Suzhou, according to “Suzhou Daily” reported. On Friday, Zoo staff had failed in a final attempt to fertilize the approximately 90-year-old females with sperm of a in the animal Park held male specimen artificially. Previously Attempts had failed to ensure in a natural way for turtle offspring in the Zoo. The male is already more than 100 years old. Experts believe that there are still two more giants exist soft turtles; they are to live in the wild in Vietnam. To what gender it is, is unclear.

the Yangtze giant soft-the largest freshwater turtles are turtles of the world. You will be up to 100 inches long and come in a weight of up to 100 pounds. Their natural habitat is the Yangtze river, and other goods inland waters of China.

+++ 11.47 PM: Rip Off: inch found 440 pounds of cocaine on a cargo ship in the port of Hamburg +++

On a cargo ship in the port of Hamburg customs officials have discovered approximately 440 kilograms of cocaine. The drugs were found in 17 duffel bags in a variety of rice bags loaded containers according to the customs. The control was, therefore, in the previous week, on a freighter that came out of Montevideo in Uruguay. The ship was about Hamburg and the port of Antwerp in Belgium on the way to Freetown in the West African state of Sierra Leone. Such A SchMuggle methods named Rip Off are often used for large quantities of Drugs by organised crime. The drug is no longer camouflaged complex and hidden, but in easy-to-carry products in containers retains deposited. At the destination, the perpetrators can refer to them quickly and quietly.

+++ 11.35 am: tenant may not keep the doctor recommended a cat in his apartment +++

In the process of a cat in an apartment has a tenant in front of the district court of Hanover against his landlady. The man is allowed to keep him for medical reasons recommended pet, the judge decided, according to a court spokeswoman. By the landlord for the justification of the ban, led the passage of the lease was a flat rate and, therefore, invalid. The judge referred to the relevant Supreme court judgments of the Federal court of justice had already dealt with the issue. As a result, the interests of the parties were balanced against each other, whereby the tenant is outweighed by the landlord.

The tenant had to seek medical advice for a cat, because these “social needs” and engage as a “roommate” to serve. He had not but obtained the prior consent of the landlord, which would have been according to the lease agreement. Therefore, a law developed dispute between the two.

+++ 11.12 PM: investigators dig again in the decades-old case of Monika fresh wood +++

wood in Bavaria, continues The search for the 42 missing Monika fresh. Forces of the police began in the Morning with trenching to a further possible location of the body, investigators said. This is the information according to the edge of a forest South of the small town of Waldkirch in Flossenbürg in the upper Palatinate, near the border to the Czech Republic. Only a few meters away, the police had already dug last week. The twelve-year-old schoolgirl Monika fresh wood from Flossenbürg had the knowledge to on 25. May 1976, in the afternoon, her parents leave home. A little later, their trail was lost. The investigators believe that the girl was murdered.

+++ 10.54 am: the Berlin upper bailiff should have hit the 250,000-Euro +++

Before the Berlin district court must answer for today is a top bailiff for embezzlement in nearly 2500 cases. The 65-Year-old should not have forwarded according to the indictment, over the course of several years, around 250,000 Euro from fees and other revenue from the bailiff’s orders to the state Treasury. The man is accused of commercially infidelity in a particularly serious case, and the instrument of oppression. The trial was read, among other things, first of all, the accusation. His actions should have been committed by the Accused between the beginning of 2007 and the beginning of 2012. Overall, it is about 2450 individual charges.

+++ 10.47 PM: the number of foreigners in Germany +++

The share of the foreign population in Germany has continued to grow. At the end of last year, approximately 10.9 million foreigners lived in the country, as the Federal Statistical office in Wiesbaden reported. This was, on balance, an increase of 2.7 per cent (292,000 inhabitants). The 1,303 million newcomers 1,012 million emigrants were in the Central register of Foreigners. A total of 82.979 million people in Germany (date: 30.9.2018).

Again in 2018, has increased the immigration of people with a work permit from countries outside the EU. Up to the end of the year 2018 266.000 people came altogether as a so-called acquisition of migrants (previous year: 217.000). This was the third year in a row an increase of more than 20 percent. Among the main countries of origin are India (12 percent), China (9 percent), Bosnia and Herzegovina (8 per cent) and the USA (7 percent). These people were, on average, 35 years old, most were men (68 per cent). In more than 83 percent of the cases, they had a temporary residence permit. 17 per cent were allowed to be permanent in Germany.

+++ 10.44 am: Two months banned from driving for BVB-Profi Wolf +++

The ban on driving for Bundesliga Pro Marius Wolf from Borussia Dortmund for driving without a license has been set at two months. The district court stated in the lower Franconian town of Kitzingen. It also confirmed a fine of 200,000 euros for the professional of Borussia Dortmund, who had been caught according to the court, at the end of March 2018 on highway 3 in the case of Kitzingen in the case of a control. At that time, the professional Eintracht Frankfurt played.

+++ 10.41 PM: AfD group Vice von Storch insists on Germany’s EU-exit as an Option +++

the AfD group Vice Beatrix von Storch keeps the Option of a German leaving the EU in the European election campaign of your party is essential. “We have to face the possibility of a ‘Dexit’ in the room, so that it comes to reforms,” said von Storch of the “world”. The current status and emerging developments in the EU were not “in the German interest”. The AfD argues in its European election program for a “Dexit” as a “last Option”: An EU-exit of Germany “, or an orderly dissolution of the European Union” was necessary if the States are not going to reform the Alliance after the AfD-ideas.

+++ 10.28 PM: a 33-Year-old in Berlin, xenophobic insults, and +++

attacked A stranger has insulted a woman in Berlin, xenophobic, and physically attacked. The man is the 33-Year-old already on Tuesday last week in the belly and on several occasions the Hitler greeting shown to have entered into, and the police announced now. The woman broke an Arm, refunded but only at the Sunday display. Accordingly, the victim was driving in the district of Pankow with a tram in the direction of Alexanderplatz. In the train she had been from the man xenophobic insults, apparently because she did not wear a headscarf. The Unknown had entered in addition to the feet. As the 33-Year-old at the S-Bahnhof Greifswalder exit road, was followed by the man, and had often shown the forbidden Hitler salute in their direction. A little later he had caught up with you and kicked in the stomach. The woman fell and was injured. She suffered a broken arm, sprained a Finger and complained of foot and back pain. The man escaped undetected.

+++ 10.27 PM: New EU copyright definitively +++

The EU member States have adopted the controversial copyright reform concludes. Also, the German government voted with Yes. Six countries voted against the Directive, three enthileten. The legislative process is completed – after the publication in the official journal of the EU, the member States have two years to implement the provisions.

After there was especially in Germany, a violent Protest against parts of the Reform, the Federal government stressed as last, Upload filters should be avoided in the implementation to a large extent. Refers to programs that recognize protected content already Upload it to the Internet and sort out. Until Sunday evening, several ministries were working on a supplementary Declaration for the vote, this goal is recorded.

+++ 10.03 PM: investigation of shots fired on the car of a footballer Naci adjusted +++

The Prosecutor’s office of Aachen has set up the investigation after shots were fired at the car of former football League professionals Deniz Naki. It would have been no perpetrators and no motive determined, said a spokeswoman for the authority of the “Spiegel Online”. In addition to political reasons for the attack other motives would come into consideration. There is, however, no evidence of a politically motivated act.

Kurdish-born footballer

Ex-Pauli Star Deniz Naki attacked Özil: racism must also be in Turkey

On the car Nakis address, had been shot in January 2018 on highway 4, close to the city of his birth Düren twice. The Kurdish-born 29-Year-old was uninjured. He then spoke of a suicide attack from apparently political motives. Naki is regarded as a critic of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The former St. Pauli player was sentenced in April 2017 in Turkey for alleged “terrorist propaganda” to 18 months, and 22 days of prison on probation.

+++ 9.52 PM: No evidence of terrorist attack at the Manhole cover-attack on train +++

In the case of the Manhole cover-attack on regional trains in North Rhine-Westphalia, the investigators have no evidence of a terrorist attack. “For a terrorist attack, there is according to the current state of the investigation no evidence,” said a spokesman for the police. Because of a bridge, several Manhole covers to a knitting construction hung over the railway line between Erndtebrück to Bad Berleburg, it was but to Act as planned. Therefore, a homicide had been set up. “We conclude anything for the moment,” said the police spokesman.

the Unknown had hung in the night to Saturday, several Manhole cover from a bridge down on ropes over the rails, such as police and prosecutors informed rushed. The lid hit the front windscreen of a train of the Hessian. The 49-year-old driver, was slightly injured. Due to a planned empty no passengers were aboard the train.

+++ 9.46 PM: the US army stresses the peaceful nature of the military exercise in the Persian Gulf +++

The US army has stressed the peaceful character of a in the Persian Gulf, ongoing naval military exercise. With the help of which, together with France and great Britain organized Exercise off the coast of Bahrain, the three countries wanted to demonstrate their determination to ensure the shipping and freedom of trade in the region, said U.S. Navy spokeswoman Chloe Morgan. The maneuvers “Artemis Trident 19” were “exclusively defensive” in nature. Nevertheless, the parties involved were prepared to “react to any threat”. At the 19. April of the current Exercise involved a dozen ships, helicopters and divers.

+++ 9.20 am: salvage of fuel rods in Fukushima started +++

has started a Good eight years after the nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima plant, the operator Tepco has rods for the first time, with the recovery of fuel from one of the destroyed accident of the reactors. As Tepco announced, will initially be seven unused fuel rods from the spent fuel pool of reactor 3. There is a total of 566 spent and unused fuel rods stored. In total there are rods in the three stricken reactors 1573 burning. The fuel rods are to be migrated to a different, more secure pool on the grounds of the atomic ruins. Tepco expects that the recovery will last until the end of March 2021.

The reactors 1 to 3 were on the 11. March 2011 in the Wake of an earthquake and tsunami destroyed, it will melt came to the Core. Because of the radioactive radiation had to flee around 160,000 residents. Still, around 30,000 can’t go back.


evacuation eight years ago

The people of Fukushima – what do you think of when you return

Fukushima is a restricted area, for eight years. The French photographer Carlos Ayesra and Guillaume Bression wanted to find out how it looks in the Zone and how people look back at their fate. They met women and men who have lost their home. The star shows exclusive footage and allows Refugees to tell their stories.

Minister complains of

authorities scandal in Lügde: How can a child welfare a child in a camping car?

+++ 8.59 PM: +++ special food, in the case of Lügde holds evidence of “overwhelming” +++

In the case of abuse of Lügde of the special investigator, the police, the Suspect is transferred. “I’m a forensic expert perspective, convinced that the evidence is overwhelming,” said detective Aldi rector Ingo Wish the “Neue westfälische”. The whereabouts of the police held by disappearance of around 150 data carrier of the main accused, however, is still unclear. In the case of police and other authorities for weeks in the criticism. Among other things, a suitcase came to the police in Detmold and a portfolio with evidence of loss. At the campsite from Lügde to have been abused in the past few years, 40 children were sexually abused, most were at the time between three and 14 years old.

+++ 8.47 PM: New property tax management will lead a supposedly cost millions +++

the Reform of The land tax is a “picture”report that to the millions of loads in the administration. As the newspaper reported, citing the appropriate law draft from the Finance Ministry, thousands of officials needed to process the millions of additional tax returns. Alone in the year 2023 3547 workers are therefore needed. The personnel costs in the financial offices, therefore be 538 million euros. For house owners in Germany are expected to be far-with around 500,000 Euro for material costs, quoted the newspaper from the draft. The property tax must be controlled according to a court ruling until the end of the year, because the required for this unit are obsolete values. No later than 2024, the Reform must be implemented.

+++ 8.14 PM: Verdi calls for strikes at Amazon around the Easter business with a +++

The trade Union Verdi has announced that the Easter business and strike at online retailer Amazon. At the locations in Rheinberg and Werne in North Rhine-Westphalia laid the Employees already in the night the work, the strike is scheduled to last until Thursday, as Verdi said. The business is on strike before the Easter holidays, and also other locations it can come during the Easter season “at any time to work stoppages,” announced the Union. For years, Verdi calls for a payment of Amazon employees to the retail tariff. Amazon rejects this previously and repeatedly stressed, in its logistics centers, will be paid at the upper end of what is customary for comparable activities.

+++ 7.59 PM: “Game of Thrones”Fans start early in the Morning, in the final season +++

The award-winning Fantasy Saga “Game of Thrones” is in its eighth and final season started. The approximately 55-minute opening sequence was launched in the US on Sunday evening in the final season. In Germany, the consequences of which are seen in the morning on the Pay-TV channel Sky. In the remaining five episodes, it should come to you according to the makers of the biggest TV battle of the story. 20. May ends the Saga with a roughly 80-minute Finale.

series finale

“Game of Thrones”-Fans stood for the opening episode of extra in the middle of the night

The eighth and final season of “Game of Thrones” is, after two years of running this night at 3 am. Many Fans could not wait and started the day with the medieval carnage.

DPA +++ 7.40 PM: Trump congratulates Golf star Woods to the fifth Masters Triumph +++

US President Donald Trump Golf Star Tiger Woods congratulated on his fifth Triumph at the Masters. “A truly great Champion,” wrote Trump after the victory of the American in the tradition tournament in Augusta. “What Year for a fantastic Comeback for a great guy,” wrote Trump with views of the many sporting, health and private setbacks of 43 -. “I love people who are under a lot of pressure.”

victory in Augusta

Golf madness! Tiger Woods wins for the first time in eleven years, the Masters

14 years after his last victory at Augusta National Golf Club Tiger Woods triumphed at the Masters. It is to be 15. Success at a Major tournament. Only one player in the four major Golf tournaments in the world more often.

DPA +++ 6.50 PM: American Airlines cancels due to flight ban on Boeing 737 MAX 115 flights per day +++

Due to the continuing flight ban for the Boeing 737 MAX, the U.S. airline American Airlines cancels in the coming months 115 flights per day. Airline CEO Doug Parker stated, this corresponds to approximately 1.5 percent of the in the summer, daily flights offered. American Airlines plans for the time being until the 19th century. August Boeing 737 MAX. At the same time, Parker after two aviation disasters in the criticism concerning machine language. He said that the Boeing 737 MAX before the 19th century. August fly again should. American Airlines has 24 machines of this type.

+++ 6.07 PM: the SPD criticized the Merkel because of the meeting with Poroshenko +++

The foreign policy spokesman of the SPD group in the Bundestag, Nils Schmid, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) criticized for their meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. “It is a political mistake, and strange that Mrs. Merkel, Poroshenko has taken one and a half weeks before the election (in Ukraine),” said Schmid, the “mirror”. “The impression of one-sided partisanship.” Merkel would have been better – like the President of France, Emmanuel Macron – the interview with the Challenger Volodymyr Selenskyj are looking for.

In the East of the Ukraine government have been fighting since five years, troops and Russia-backed separatists. Merkel had welcomed Poroshenko on Friday and this is justified by the need to with him urgent topics to discuss. You run this campaign, to help him, let her not apply.The runoff election between Poroshenko and Selenskyj will take place on 21. April (Easter Sunday).

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