US President Donald Trump is likely to be a more pleasant boss, you can already read on the basis of the now dozens of names long list of departures from his staff. The next members of government with homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from the office divorced. Also, Don McGahn does not appear to have made only good experiences with Trump. The lawyer was from January 2017 to October 2018 and a legal adviser in the White house, and has now talked in a familiar round of his time.

Ex-consultant reports of lively debates

McGahn, I dined on Thursday with roughly 40 high-level Senate staffers for the Republican lunch together and a few not really for the Public, certain memories to Trump price, according to the US news page “Axios” referring to the two participants in the round. “I’ve spent the last couple of years, to be yelled at,” said the lawyer. “And you will be able to read something soon about some of the more lively debates that I have had with the President.” McGahn did not mention the report of the special investigator in Russia, the affair, Robert Mueller, explicitly, but sources in the room said that his comment was made in relation to their understanding after the fact.

Mueller’s Team had taken “Axios”, in his investigation of important conversations, in which McGahn had participated, under the microscope, to find out whether Trump might have hindered the course of justice.

The Meeting with McGahn in the electricity Thurmond room of the Capitol have taken place in the context of a regular series of informal lunch. The Ex-consultants have praised the President, according to the sources, especially, but also the pitfalls of his term of office indicated.

Donald Trump does not like middle men

Trump is head of the White house, therefore, to a “Hub-and-Spoke”model (hub-and-spoke-model), in which often several people get the same task. A Hub-and-Spoke architecture use, for example, Smartphones. You have a Central user interface to be called from other application parts. The individual parts have no or only few cross-links.

for homeland security Secretary

“Heartless-Minister” has to go – what Trumps a surprising maneuver on yourself

The point in the White house is that there is no chief of staff in the usual sense, said McGahn, according to the “Axios”. Trump don’t trust a single Person as a gatekeeper. He may no middle men. And no staff was especially authorized, because Trump is the boss and he make the decisions; all the high-ranking volunteers would be the spokes.

McGahn have warms the informant, according to the lunch and walked away, which Trump get away with it. The President could do, therefore, something that is “180 degrees opposite” to what I got McGahn him – but it is not working somehow. “If it would be 179 degrees, it wouldn’t work,” said McGahn, according to the sources.

In debates Trump take usually the conservative side. He can make decisions so quickly that the previous consultants had been important to move quickly to his boss, before it announced a decision, based possibly on bad information.

When Trump say something publicly, it is difficult for him to recapture.

source: “Axios”