Two young men have done in their former school in Brazil a bloodbath. A total of ten people were killed in the rampage on Wednesday claimed the lives of.

The hooded perpetrators stormed the school in the city of Suzano, in the state of São Paulo, and opened fire, as the local safety authorities.

Five students between the ages of 15 and 17 years of age, and two employees were killed. In the case of the perpetrators were according to police sources, a 25-Year-old and a 17-Year-old. After the attack, the younger the offender shot and killed his accomplice and then herself. Previously, they had already killed the uncle of one of the perpetrators in his car wash.

The students were taking a Breakfast break, when the offender entered the building. On a news portal G1 released the surveillance video to see, how the offender enters the building and immediately opened fire. Shortly afterwards, his accomplice comes in and strikes with a hatchet on a on the ground lying victims. The officers discovered at the scene later, a Revolver, an axe, a bow, a crossbow, Molotov Cocktails and a cabled bag.

“That was the saddest scene I’ve seen in my entire life. I’m very sad that something like that in São Paulo, in Brazil, occurred,” said the Governor of São Paulo, João Doria, after a visit to the scene of the crime. “I’m shocked, shocked.” The Governor ordered a three-day mourning period in the state.

The motive for the crime is still unclear. “That’s the big question: What was the Motivation of the former student?”, the Minister for public security in São Paulo, João Camilo Pires de Campos asked. The younger offenders have left school in the past year due to problems. If he was expelled from the school or at his own request retired, is not yet clear.

According to police, the two criminals had made a Pact. Accordingly, they had planned to perpetrate the attack, and kill themselves afterwards. On the Internet you should have informed earlier about the blood acts in U.S. schools. The investigators are now checking whether it was the perpetrators of a criminal or terrorist Association, informed the Prosecutor’s office.

Brazil is one of the most violence-affected countries in the world. Over 60,000 people are killed there every year. Finally, the new President of Jair Bolsonaro had loosened the weapons of law, to facilitate the purchase of firearms.