Ex-Porsche works Council chief Uwe Hück is for the Pforzheimer SPD as the top candidate for the municipal elections on 26 October. May compete. He was elected on Saturday to the top of the list.

41 of 46 people present SPD-circle delegates voted in the nomination meeting, how the SPD, announced. “This is a strong departure signal for Pforzheim and for the SPD,” said SPD chief Andreas Stoch. And later possibly also for the more ambitions in the state legislature are not excluded.

Thus, the conflict between the South-West of the SPD and the 56-Year-old is settled. Hück had announced on Monday first, with a list of their own “Pforzheim winner will want to” at the municipal election in Pforzheim, Germany, to compete. Thus, the long-term the SPD had threatened a member of the party of exclusion. After the announcement, not only Stoch, but also Ex-SPD had been looking for-Chef Sigmar Gabriel, the conversation with the former professional Thai Boxer.

If Hück is elected in may in the municipal Council, he wants to throw, according to the “Pforzheimer Zeitung” (PZ) as in Pforzheim, Germany SPD candidate for the state election in 2021 his hat in the Ring. “I’m going to support SPD-land-in-chief Andreas Stoch. Together we will win the state election,” he said to the blade. Prior to that, he wants to start, but “at the very bottom,” Hück to the dpa.

Hück had announced last Monday, surprising its exchange in the Pforzheim municipal policy and its functions in operating and Supervisory Board, abandoned. At the time of his resignation of the 56-Year-old had gone with his party hard to the court. “If the SPD continues in this way, you will destroy your legacy,” he had said. Pforzheim stand financially as similar to bad as the car manufacturer Porsche in the 80s, when he had come to the company, had Hück justified his plans.

“I want to move something, where youth unemployment is the greatest.” Him angry, for example, that swimming pools are closed. “I’m a fireman – I go where there is a fire,” he told the German press Agency after the election. He’s not a Diesel, but issues such as social housing and a good school system.