The former British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, according to a survey of the largest opportunities on a succession of Prime Ministers Theresa May.

39 percent of the surveyed members of the Conservative party would vote for him, reported the newspaper “Times” on Saturday, which had commissioned the YouGov survey in order.

The runner-up, former Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab, only 13 percent approval. Numerous other politicians have expressed interest in the Post either, or not denied.

The British government because of its Brexit-policy, on an exit from the European Union in a deep crisis. The Prime Minister is under massive pressure. Party colleagues accuse her of not having a good Brexit Treaty with Brussels negotiated.

The contract has already failed three Times in Parliament, because party colleagues refused their allegiance. You just provide the commitment at the beginning of June, a timetable for their withdrawal, a direct party to avert an internal revolt.

the resignation of the chairmanship in the party. However, the head of the government party is in the UK, the party is also the head of government. Elections are, theoretically, only 2022, but the government party may at any time declare before the elections.

Because the rejected house of Mays Brexit agreement, but at the same time a withdrawal from the EU without a contract is rejected, the original termination date of 29. March will be postponed two Times. The period now runs until December 31. October. Theresa May wants to submit the agreement to now the beginning of June through the detour of the legislative process to the MPs.