The key messages in the Overview:Ex-Minister and Manager Werner Müller violations is dead (10.18 PM), Several right in the case of Merkel’s visit to Dresden (7 p.m.)earthquake shakes Indonesian island of Bali (3.31 PM) Ikea is closing its only factory in the United States (1.31 hours)U.S. judge reduces penalty for Bayer, a subsidiary of Monsanto (1.11 PM)

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+++ 10.41 PM: Ryanair cancelling flight plans +++

Because of the delay in the delivery of the Problemjets Boeing 737 Max, the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair together cancels his flight plans. For the coming summer it is planned only with the addition of 30 new machines instead of 58 Jets, the company said on Tuesday in Dublin. The growth rate for this period in the event of a planned 7 percent to 3 percent. Passenger numbers are likely to decrease throughout the next fiscal year, down from 162 million to 157 million.

European aviation safety Agency

Boeing 737 MAX: Europeans discover the accident pilot malfunction of the autopilot

By Till Bartels

After the crash of two machines of the model series in the case of Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines with a total of 346 dead to all of the 737-Max Jets since mid-March in the world on the ground. So far, it is unclear when the authorities allow the plane back in the air. Boeing has completed the development of a Updates for the control software of the aircraft, possibly for the crashes responsible. The US aviation authority, FAA must certify the Changes, before the machine may start again.

+++ 10.40: Hacker attack in Bulgaria, data from the millions of people affected +++

hackers have stolen in Bulgaria, the personal data of millions of people from the state Agency NAP, which manages all taxes and charges for pension contributions. “There is in fact a not allowed access to a Server of the NAP,” said interior Minister Mladen Marinov on Tuesday in the TV channel bTV and confirmed an anonymous message from hackers.

Thus they had personal data as well as information on taxes and social security contributions of more than five million of the seven million Bulgarians and foreigners as well as companies. The E-Mail was sent according to the media information of Russian servers on Monday to Bulgarian media. The release of the political activist Julian Assange is required.

+++ 10.18 PM: Ex-Minister and Manager Werner Müller is dead +++

He was Gerhard schröder’s Minister of economic Affairs and was regarded as the last of the “Ruhr Baron”: Now Werner Müller died at the age of 73 years. The former Federal Minister of economic Affairs and Manager, died in the night from Monday to Tuesday, as a spokesman for the company, Evonik, the German press confirmed Agency. Previously, several media had reported about it. Müller was severely ill with cancer. He leaves behind a wife and two children.


The former Federal Minister of economic Affairs and Manager Werner Müller is dead

©Rolf Venn Bernd Picture-Alliance

The non-party Mueller was in the red-green government of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) from 1998 to 2002, Minister of economy. He was also a co-founder of the RAG-Stiftung, which covers the eternity, the expense of mining, and the first chief of the chemical group, Evonik, which is the necessary medium to large Parts, the last of the great Ruhr Baron traditional embossing in the area.

in 2003, Müller Chairman of the management Board of the RAG, from 2007 onwards, he was head of Evonik. “Werner Müller has rendered invaluable services to the German mining industry and the miners, who were to him personally, especially on the heart,” said the current RAG-Chairman of the Board, Peter Schrimpf, according to Evonik-communication. The Executive Board of RAG-Stiftung Müller moved in the last year

+++ 10.05 PM: Germany to 2018 is grown by 400,000 people +++

Germany remains an attractive destination for immigrants: in the past year, more people moved to Germany than left. Overall, there were 1.58 million new arrivals from abroad, while 1.18 million people moved abroad, as the Federal Statistical office on Tuesday announced in Wiesbaden. The so-called net immigration fell slightly in the year 2017, it was still at 416.000 people.

The migration surplus is a result of the information, especially on foreign immigrants: a Total of 87 percent of a foreign passport had wandered. A year earlier, it was still 89 percent.

Increased the immigration of Germans, who have been living abroad. Of 167,000 German foreign goods in the year 2017, yet again, moved to Germany, it was in the past year, to 202,000. Still more German citizens, namely, 262.000,, however, moved abroad from. A year before 249.000.

+++ 10 am: thieves harvests industrial hemp in the value of 50,000 euros +++

Obviously expert thieves in the state of Hesse industrial hemp in value of approximately 50,000 Euro harvested. As the police headquarters South Hessen announced in Darmstadt, Germany, gave the thieves in the Monday night access to a plantation in Geinsheim and harvested an area of 15 to 20 square meters. The police are searching for a car with a Hamburger licence plate, which was observed in the vicinity. Industrial hemp is not used for medicine or as a narcotic, but for textiles, hemp oil, or hemp milk.

+++ 9.53 PM: a building in India collapses – at least 40 people included +++

After a building collapse in the Indian city of millions, Mumbai, dozens of people are included. According to police sources, around 40 to 50 people will be affected, such as the television channel NDTV reported on Tuesday. Auxiliary forces were searching first for Survivors.

In South Asia is monsoon time, the water masses houses a plunge again and again. As on Sunday, a building in the Indian city of Solan collapsed, killing 14 people. The heavy rain of the past days at a cost of more than 130 people in South Asia, the life. The monsoon season lasts usually until September.

+++ 9.20 am: London extradition of assange from the threat of rejects threatens death penalty +++

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should not be extradited, according to British information of a country, in the him the death penalty. This arrangement between London and Quito have more stock, said the British foreign Secretary of state, Alan Duncan, during a visit to Ecuador. Assange was arrested in April in the UK – after seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Quito had previously revoked the political asylum for the 48-year-old Australians. The President of Ecuador Lenín Moreno at the time had stressed that the written commitment the British government have, that Assange will not be extradited to a country “where he will suffer torture or he could face the death penalty”.

Ecuador withdraws asylum

Why Assange is now out of the Embassy was thrown

Seven years after his escape in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Julian was arrested Assange fixed. But why Ecuador has picked now, of all times, the asylum? The President of Ecuador is pursuing personal motives?

+++ 8.29 PM: Pakistan’s air space re-opened fully +++

Pakistan has opened after almost five months of its airspace completely for civilian air traffic. The Opening of the applicable immediately informed the civil aviation authority. The air space over Pakistan had been closed at the end of February, after India’s air force had flown for the first Time since 1971, an attack on Pakistani territory. Pakistan shot down a little later at least one Indian warplane. The air space was released after a couple of weeks, partly, however, remained closed to the Pakistan border to India, which is why several airlines to take costly detours had to.

The tensions between the two nuclear-armed countries had intensified after the middle of February, had been killed 40 Indian security forces in a bomb attack in the Indian part of Kashmir. The Pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed the fact for themselves. India accused Pakistan of not enough against the terrorists in their territory to proceed.

+++ 7 PM: Several violations of the law at the edge of Merkel’s visit to Dresden +++

launched by The police at the Demonstration of the xenophobic Pegida Alliance on the occasion of the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Monday in Dresden against three participants in the determination procedure. A 20-Year-old got pelted with a media representative with a plastic bottle, police said. Against the man for attempted grievous bodily will be determined injury. Another protester showed the Hitler greeting. Against the 31-Year-old, an investigation was initiated accordingly, proceedings in respect of the using of symbols of unconstitutional organisations. Following the Demonstration, a 48 denied-Year-old in an interview with counter-demonstrators, according to police, appeared to be the Holocaust. The man was temporarily taken into police custody, against him will be determined for sedition.

last night had gathered about 50 participants of Pegida in the framework of the visit of Angela Merkel. They shouted “Hau” and “Merkel must go” Slogans, the use of Pegida protesters time and again at performances of the Chancellor. Pegida leader Lutz Bachmann had filed a spontaneous demonstration in the vicinity of the Albertinum, where Merkel guest of honour at the network meeting of women.

+++ 6.48 PM: DGB warns of stress for commuters due to CO2-tax +++

The German trade Union Confederation has loads for commuters in the introduction of a CO2 tax or other climate protection charges warned. The Vice-DBG-Boss Annelie colorful Bach told the “Augsburger Allgemeine”, where people would have to be mobile, could be hindered by a CO2 tax. “Many Employees travel daily long distances to work, to take into account.” At the same time there needed to be incentives to use other forms of mobility than the car.

The German Council of economic experts the Federal government had handed over to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, a special report. The panel considers that a cross-sector price for the emission of greenhouse gases, which also relates to buildings and transport, including, for the best long-term means to mitigate climate change.

+++ 6.04 PM: Traumatised refugees wait of around seven months on therapy +++

The Federal government supports nationwide with 53 treatment centres for traumatised refugees and victims of torture. The response of the Federal government to an inquiry of the left faction, which is present the German press Agency. In spite of this support, people in the year 2017 had to wait, on average, 7.3 months on a therapy course. As the nationwide Association of psychosocial centres for refugees and torture victims announced on request, the average waiting time in 2016, still at six months. The data for 2018 are not yet available.

+++ 4.35 PM: German weapons of war for more than 180 million euros to Turkey +++

Turkey has received in the first four months of this year, weapons of war, for 184,1 million euros from Germany. In the ranking of the most important recipient countries of the partners in Nato, as in the previous year, with a large gap to number one. The Dagdelen a reply from the Federal Ministry for economic Affairs on a request from the Vice-Chairman of the left party, Sevim,.

In the case of the arms for Turkey, it is stated to only to “goods for the Maritime sector”. Probably it comes to Material for six submarines of the class 214, built in Turkey, under significant participation of the German group ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. The Federal government had approved the supply of components already in 2009, and the Export of a so-called Hermes guarantee in the amount of 2.49 billion Euro hedged.

+++ 4.05 PM: 2.9 million households cleaning lady black +++

employ Almost 90 per cent of German households with a cleaning force, according to a study of your apartment black-and-brush. “It goes from about 41 million households, a total of, employees in the year 2017, more than 3.3 million households occasionally or regularly is a help, and nearly 2.9 million households were black and clean and shop,” said Dominik Enste from the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln (IW). The behavioral economist and specialist in economic ethics, has studied the black work in cleaning workers in a recent study.

The proportion of the black work had decreased as a result of the tax deductibility of household-related services, as well as the ease of registration via the mini-job headquarters, from around 93 percent in the year 2005, at least 88.5% in the year 2017, said Enste. But still the “work of the private household was” far from a normal workplace – approximately eight percent of all households in relatively constant help.

+++ 3.31 PM: the earthquake rocked the Indonesian island of Bali +++

An earthquake of a magnitude of 5.7 has shaken the Morning on the Indonesian island of Bali. The center of the quake was approximately 100 kilometers off the coast of the holiday island at a depth of 96 kilometers, said the attack occurred just before with. A Tsunami warning was not given. Holidaymakers have reported of severe shocks in their Hotels. Other effects of the earthquake, no data are available to date.

Only on the weekend two people were in Indonesia during an earthquake, have been killed. Dozens of houses had been destroyed in the earthquake of a magnitude of 7.3 on the Northern Moluccas. Indonesia lies on the Pacific ring of fire, where about 90 percent of all earthquakes occur in the world.

+++ 2.57 PM: Mexico criticized the restriction of the right of asylum by the US government. + + +

Mexico has criticized the restriction of the right to asylum by the U.S. government. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said his country was opposed to measures that restricted asylum or protection for those people who feared in their homeland for their lives. The Mexican government is going to make sure that the international legislation, the principle would not be respected the rejection.

The US government had previously announced that asylum applications of the migrants are rejected at the border to Mexico now, if you have not requested to be on their way before in Mexico or any other country to the status of refugees. Minister of justice, Bill Barr said that the new rules should discourage “economic migrants who want to exploit our asylum system”. The new regulation provides for exceptions for victims of torture, persecution and human trafficking. Do not, however, apply year for unaccompanied refugee minors.

+++ 1.31 PM: Ikea is closing its only factory in the U.S. +++

The furniture giant Ikea is closing its only factory in the United States and strokes to 300 jobs. The Swedish group justified this with high commodity prices in the United States. The production of furniture was at the factory in Danville, Virginia “significantly” more expensive than it is in Europe. The company had made great efforts to improve the competitiveness of the factory, said Ikea. Due to the cost of production could not be continued at this site.

pilot project

Why Ikea back now buys old furniture without paying money

in 2008, opened a factory in the wooden shelves for the markets in the USA and Canada are produced, is now to year-end close. The employees should be helped to find new Jobs, said the furniture company. Ikea operates in nine countries with 24 manufacturing sites and employs about 20,000 workers.

+++ 1.28 PM: fire is raging for a week in a Mexican national Park +++

In a Mexican biosphere reserve it has been burning for a week. According to information from Mexico’s forestry authority for an approximately 2500 hectare large area of moist Savannah in the national Park of Sian Ka’an in the Yucatán Peninsula. The fire, therefore, is so far to 30 percent under control. It was already at 8. July been reported. With temperatures around 33 degrees, with a low probability of rain and a wind speed of 16 kilometers per hour, could make it difficult for the weather conditions, the fire-fighting, it said. It including members of the air force are involved, according to the civil protection authority of the Federal state of Quintana Roo, about 100 emergency workers. The more than 500,000 hectare biosphere reserve on Mexico’s Caribbean coast belongs to the world natural heritage of Unesco.

+++ 1.11 PM: U.S. judge reduces penalty for Bayer, a subsidiary of Monsanto in glyphosate-process +++

A California judge has lowered the million penalty against Bayer, a subsidiary of Monsanto, in a glyphosate-process according to the chemical group of around 80 million dollars (71 million euros) to around 25 million dollars (22 million euros). Accordingly, the so-called criminal was lowered damages to $ 20 million. Bayer said it was a “step in the direction,” but reiterated his intention to appeal against the conviction on appeal. Regulatory authorities in the United States and the world had not come to the conclusion that glyphosate is carcinogenic.

A Jury at a court in San Francisco had convicted Monsanto in March to pay about 80 million dollars to a cancer claimant, who had for years used the glyphosate-containing herbicide Roundup. The reason given was that Monsanto didn’t warned enough about the risks of the use of Roundup. The retired Edwin Hardeman had used the herbicide for many years on his property.

+++ 0.49 PM: Challenged-Democrat Trumps attack+++

condemn condemns The four democratic members of Congress, which has covered Donald Trump with fierce attacks, the Remarks by the US President. Trump did get a “blatantly racist” attack, from the Corruption of his government to deflect said Ilhan Omar, at a press conference with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, as well as Ayanna Pressley. “This is the Agenda of white nationalists, no matter whether it happens in chat rooms or on national television. And now it has reached the garden of the White house.”

Omar and her party colleagues have stressed the presence in the Congress that they would not have to Trump intimidation. Omar and Tlaib also for the initiation of impeachment proceedings against Trump. Trump was asked on Sunday in a Tweet several Democrats, in their supposed home countries to go back and solve the problems there, instead of giving the USA good advice.

attack against Democrats

Trump outraged with the racist Tweets, and the Republican leadership is silent – that is the reason

Donald Trump has sparked racist Tweets against politicians of the Democrats great indignation, except in his own party. Because the Republicans in the US has brought the President now fully on line.

By Marc Drewello +++ 0.24 PM: Arsenal of weapons in the US-villas – quarters of a 58-Year-old threatened with long prison +++

After a huge weapons Fund in a Villa in a luxurious residential neighborhood of Los Angeles is a 58-Year-old has been accused of. According to communication from the public Prosecutor’s office, the man is accused of 64 Offences, including illegal possession of weapons and the lack of licenses, before the court. He had pleaded “not guilty,” it said. In the case of conviction up to 48 years in prison threaten him.

The police had reached in may on the Arsenal of weapons with more than 1000 guns and a larger quantity of ammunition. After a tip-off about illegal weapons, officials had taken in the posh neighborhood of Bel Air the property by the husband. Television footage showed mounds of weapons that had piled up, the police in the driveway of the millions of Villa up.

+++ 0.05 PM: EU extends North Korea sanctions +++

The Europnamed Europe’s Union has extended its due to the nuclear programme imposed sanctions against North Korea. The EU States confirmed a list of persons and entities subject to travel bans and asset freezes are. There were 57 people and 9 institutions, which contribute to the nuclear or missiles program of the people’s Republic, the Council of the EU-States.

In addition, the EU resolutions of the UN security Council, with which 80 people and 75 facilities penalties subject to be implemented. The sanctions against North Korea are the most stringent that have imposed by the EU against a country. The goal is the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula remain. That is, the deduction, or the destruction of all existing nuclear weapons.

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