As the first woman in the history is Ursula von der Leyen, President of the powerful EU Commission in Brussels. The former German Minister of defense, received on Tuesday with 383 of 747 votes extremely short of the necessary absolute majority in the European Parliament. A result that makes it clear, with as little restraint of the Leyen in the future, starts, writes the German press.

“Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung”

Ursula von der Leyen is now available for the first time, a woman at the head of the Commission. A born Brüsselerin, she speaks English and French fluently and has worked as a defense Minister, the idea of a common European defence policy. Von der Leyen, a genuine European identity, it is supported by the heads of state and government in the North, South, East and West. Europe has weakened the top candidate principle this year, but his leadership will be in the next few years, perhaps as modern and strong as never before.

“Westfälische Nachrichten”

for the First time, a woman at the top of Europe – a German. Historically – but: Everybody’s Darling is not the new EU Commission President. … The conservative Ursula von der Leyen has had to make several concessions to their political adversaries. And she has promised a lot – the climate, social, the rule of law. Members of the European Parliament should take you at your word. The Juncker successor to have to let deeds follow. Thus, the Europeans do not lose the desire to Europe. Ursula von der Leyen must develop the confidence yet to hard.


EU Commission presidency

After days of dramatic struggle: Ursula, the fight goes on! Now s get to business

Axel front trees “Badisches Tagblatt”

a Lot of announcements in its application of speech remained vague. She has promised something for everyone, and in particular the greens and the social Democrats ensnared, because it arrived on their votes. However, none of their proposals can be so easy to implement. The small-Small European politics, the wrangling, the Adjourn to the next summit, all of this, the EU will continue as before. A new start not the end of the world, for it is gone in the last few weeks, to much broken. Because the tasks are so enormous, is your choice of the future authorities boss but good luck and sense to. It’s not only the candidates and Offices. But also a Nobel peace prize winner, whose future cannot be a matter of the EU.

“Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”

politics was considered the art of compromise between the Visionary and Feasible. In the EU, with its 28 member States, it is shrunk to the art of the lowest common denominator. Therefore, the EU policy often acts as the choice of the Leyens to the EU-Commission President: not wrong, but also not satisfactory. Basically a joyful event is from the Leyens victory. For the first time, a woman is at the top of the EU. But it is the reason that prompted many parliamentarians to vote for them. A number of it was to lift the Ex-defence Minister on the throne, but to prevent a destabilization of Europe.


A shadow on the start of the term of office of the Leyens: the Failure of the top candidate principle. Blame it on the CDU-politician is not, you benefited from it. But if Parliament and the Commission, mean that the EU’s choice of tip should lie in the hands of the voters, then you need to start now to build the legal framework for it. On confessions alone, the past weeks have shown, is not reliable.

“Pforzheimer Zeitung”

With the choice of Ursula von der Leyens to the Commission head of the Parliament has been averted at the last Minute, the big Disaster. But it is also clear that the compromise candidate of the Leyen starts with a little restraint in the future. You need to drill thick boards and do a better Job, as last in the Ministry of defence. Politically much in the coming years on the game alone when it comes to climate or refugees, to bring different interests under one hat. The most important task for the new Commission chief, it will be in the short term, however, the divided blocks together. As long as the EU-politicians to distrust no matter what the Institution, as long as no citizens will donate to a new trust. And most of this Europe is needed.

“schwarzwälder Bote”

Europe, a policy that has been sweeping the people: when before has there been ever? However, it is good that at the end of the insight to keep the upper hand in the Strasbourg Parliament. The frustration about the Implosion of the top candidate model at the end of the world to skip, may be understandable. However, it is short-sighted. To want revenge, to the heads of government take, is foolish. A loud Bang would have cooled things Down. Better for Europe but a reality sense, are fair compromises and workable solutions to the problem. The rocky road!


Ursula von der Leyen has made it. But the price for their ascent to the first woman at the top of the main authorities in the EU is high. Back a European Parliament in which the dispute to the personnel concept has left heavy crop damage remains. This shows the closeness of the result. Von der Leyen was not involved in the taboo, which led to your nomination, but you must cure him. The CDU must act-politician, is no doubt different, as it has done as a Minister under Chancellor Merkel. Ducking and not requirements neither in terms of climate protection and the rule of law or the elimination of democratic deficits. Von der Leyen has not been at the reputation of programmatic positions. The need to change. And Berlin should quickly understand that this Commission has to act boss now as a European and not an extended Arm of the Federal government.

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