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Smog of Bangkok students given days off from school (6:53)extreme Right-wing: the Multiple-shooting training abroad (4.34 p.m.)Many of the unemployed money for a full meal (1:07)Venezuela: exit barrier against Guaidó imposed (0.28 PM)

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+++ 8.19 am missing: +++ BKA seems to be on three terror suspects in the Schleswig-Holstein festival

find the Federal criminal police office have taken a media report in the Morning, in the district of Dithmarschen, in Schleswig-Holstein, three terrorist suspects from Iraq. The Trio had wanted to commit an attack with a black powder firework rockets, according to the “mirror”. However, they would have also considered to use a gun or a car. The plans of the men were, according to investigators “still very far”.

The BKA had recognized the “mirror” according to which since December, investigators Islamist on the alleged motivated by the Trio. Against two of the men, the Federal Prosecutor’s office determined because of preparation of severe state-endangering Offence, against a due aid. One of the Suspects is reported to have said, according to the report, he wished, if possible, meet a lot of “infidels”, but no children. According to the BKA, they had concerned a bomb-building instructions from the Internet and started to collect black powder from new year’s eve rockets. Also, an igniter, and had ordered accordingly. After the first experiments with the black powder you would have thought to commit an attack with a weapon. This was to have been but too expensive. One of them have considered thus to commit an assassination with a car. He should have started with driving lessons.

+++ 8.12 PM: Maduro is supposed to have for early elections very +++

The Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has called for early elections to end the political crisis in the South American country. The Russian news Agency RIA Novosti reported. “It would be very good to hold parliamentary elections to an earlier date, that would be a good Form of political debate,” said Maduro, therefore, in a in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, guided Interview.