Every fourth young person is disturbed according to a survey on the construction of mosques in Germany. The statement “to Me, it is that more and more mosques to be built in Germany” agreed to interfere in the Online survey by the Forsa-Institut, 24 percent of respondents between the ages of 16 and 25 years.

About says every second young people and young adults, could not be represented in Germany to topics such as immigration or Islam, certain opinions openly, without having to the right or to the right-wing stamped. In the East as in the West, 51 percent of the respondents are of this opinion, men and people with lower education degrees are more likely than women or people with advanced degrees. However, only one-quarter believes that most of the media reports on right-wing parties like the AfD to be fair and balanced.

The survey, commissioned by the FDP-affiliated Friedrich Naumann Foundation is the German press Agency.

The democratic System, which was established in Germany after the Second world war, see 38 percent in the risk of 57 per cent – of the Rest that they do not know it.