Every fourth Catholic in Germany has been alienated from the Church. This was the result of the survey, “Church member?”, carried out by the MDG-media-service, in cooperation with the sine – Institute for market and social research nationwide.

“For the critics – mostly Catholics in the middle ages – is a brake on the Church, among other things, a fun and tries to make the people guilty…,” said Jana Goetzke, market researcher at MDGs, at the presentation of the study on Tuesday in Munich.

For the study of Germany were questioned about 1400 Catholics from the age of 18 about their attitudes to the Church. In spite of the high number of critics around 80 percent stated that they feel the Church is connected in any manner. “This high number has surprised us in view of the ever-reigniting criticism of the Church itself,” said Goetzke. Nevertheless, Around 40 percent of the respondents play with the idea, to leave the Church; 7 per cent are determined to take this step.