in Spite of the “lying press”-debates a large part of the people in Germany are familiar according to a study, more established media, but also a solid core of critics.

This is the result of a survey of the publicists of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, which was released on Wednesday. The critics have condemned the media as a lump sum and be above average frequently found at the edges of the political spectrum.

After all, every fourth Respondent accuses the media, therefore, targeted Manipulation. Specifically, 25 percent agreed with the statement: “The media work with the policy Hand-in-Hand, to manipulate the opinion of the population.” A year earlier it had been only 20 percent in 2016, but also 27 percent.

the results of The study demonstrate the Mainz publisher, according to a growing alienation between the people and the media. 27 percent of the respondents were of the view that the media have lost contact to the people. A year earlier it had been only 18 percent. From 36 to 43 percent approval rose for the statement that the media represent social relationships differently, than it is to perceive the citizens in their own environment.

Nonetheless familiar in the survey, 44 percent of the media in a number of important questions – the highest previously measured value (2017: 42%). The trust values vary depending on the type of media heavily: The highest, you are in public broadcasting, the 65 percent confidence (2017: 72% 2016: 69), followed by regional Newspapers with 63 percent. Only 21 per cent trusted the news on the pages of search engines (2017: 23), only four percent of the news in social networks (2017: three).

Also, the theme determines how people are reporting. Only 20 to 25 percent of keep about reports about Islam and the crime of refugees for to be trustworthy.