GREVE 12 NOVEMBER – Paris, Marseille, Lyon… In France’s major cities, the striking teachers appear to oppose the reductions of positions provided for in the budget 2019.

The essential All the teachers ‘ unions have called the strike and a day of action this Monday, November 12, 2018, to oppose the budget, 2019, which provides for a reorganization and a suppression of 3200 teaching positions at the college and high school (public and private) and 400 positions in the administration, while the number of students increases between 2019 and 2021. Many processions parade this Monday in the main cities of France (see here all of the events planned in metropolitan france and Overseas). In Paris, protesters hurl themselves from the Luxembourg station at 14h to join the ministry of national Education. In Paris, the procession is party to 14h from the Luxembourg station and headed towards the ministry of national Education. According to the ministry of national Education, the rate of strikers is 11,33% of the staff on Monday 12 November (8,69% of the teachers in the first degree, 13,76% in the second degree. For the unions, 1 teacher 2 is on strike in the high school, 1 to 4 in the primary. Live 18:31 – Demonstration of 12 November : the numbers of unions

[DIRECT] figures on the participation, according to the unions, are fallen. “25% of the teachers of the first degree are on strike, demanding a different budget and a different educational policy,” said the Snuipp-FSU, the first union in the primary. On the side of the high school teachers, “almost one out of two is on strike,” according to Snes-FSU, the first union in the secondary, finding that “it is a discontent deep that it is expressed”.

18:06 – The images of the event in Toulon, france

there is not only Paris, Marseilles or Lyon that the teachers were demonstrating on Monday against job cuts announced by the government. In Toulon, in the Var, the teachers were also to bring their voice to the streets to express their disagreements.

17:35 – A teacher expresses his disagreements

many teachers were on strike this Monday, objecting to the removal of 3200 teaching positions at the college and high school. a professor of history and geography described, at the microphone of LCI, the direct impact on his daily life that will lead to these job cuts.

17:00 – The French have a good image of teachers and include the strike

Odoxa conducted this Monday, November 12, a survey for the titles of the regional press. 72% of the respondents are of the opinion justified the strike today (35% answered “quite justified”, 37% “somewhat justified”). 50% of the sympathizer LREM, the majority party support the mobilization. The French have a good image of teachers, they are 73% to be judged “competent”, 62% to be considered “concerned students”, 57% “workers”, 58% described them as “dedicated”. They are also 57% as to describe them as “privileged”.

16:21 – teachers ‘ Strike : images of the procession in paris

in Paris, the teachers marched alongside many high school students, who have not visited in the course, provided that all the teachings have not been insured today. Here are pictures posted by a journalist on the ground in the procession :

16:07 – “This situation is going to degrade the conditions of enrolment of students” for the FSU

Bernadette Groison, secretary general of the FSU, explained to Yahoo News the reasons of the mobilization : “We are demonstrating because the Parliament will examine the budget of the ministry of national Education, however, we have a back back with the removal of 2650 posts of teachers in the second degree, and of 400 posts of administrative staff, even as soon as the next school year we expect 32 000 students in the colleges. Obviously, this situation is going to degrade the conditions of enrolment of students, we are already more than two-thirds of college classes and high school that have more than 30 students. And then, we will also have difficulties in replacing teachers who are on sick leave”.

15:46 – The government wants to “put the package on the education in the primary”

The government spokesman, Benjamin Grivaux, reacted this morning on Europe 1 the strike of the teachers and the demonstrations organized by the teachers. “It’s been thirty years that we explained that we have too many people in high school and that we are under-investing woefully in the primary. We decided to put the package in the beginning on the education in the primary”, he stated.

15:29 – video – Of the world in the event the paris

In the gloom, a few thousands of striking teachers fighting the pad in the capital. Remember that events are held in most major cities of France.

15:25 – The government has planned job cuts but also more ways for the primary

The executive intends to reduce the number of personnel in the national Education, but says that it is adjustment, and that the effort must be more focused on the primary. The government intends to create in the schools 1800 new positions.

14:52 – Strike on 12 November : in Paris, the teachers show

The procession is not really compact, but the mobilization is followed on Monday 12 November in Paris. The striking teachers from the primary to the secondary are left a little after 14h of Luxembourg, they headed for the headquarters of the ministry of national Education in the centre of the capital.

14:34 – Between 800 and 1000 protesters in Nantes

According to figures from the CFDT, nearly 1000 people were this morning, in the procession of nantes to show their opposition to job cuts looming at the ministry of national Education. The regional newspaper Ouest-France reports on the number of 800 protesters.

14:18 – The striking teachers demonstrate in Paris

The procession runs from the Palace of the Luxembourg to head to the ministry of national Education. “On the background of the abolition of posts, it is a radical transformation of the second degree that prepares”, writes the SNES-FSU on its count Twitter.

13:56 – Between 300 and 500 strikers in the procession at Saint-Etienne

Activ Radio reports that “300 to 400 teachers gathered this morning” at Saint-Etienne to protest against the measures taken in the national Education. “The colleagues leave but are not replaced. Behind, we must ensure ! In certain disciplines such as technology, there is no one to give the lessons to the 3rd. The examination of the patent will be, but the students are not prepared !”, if that annoys a professor of technology in the college with the media.

13:47 – First protest against Jean-Michel Blanquer

The minister of national Education is the 4th minister the most popular, according to the latest ranking Paris Match. It is facing since a few weeks to a roar of the teachers, who are concerned about staff reductions, but also of the implementation of the assessment of institutions and the merger of the academies. This is the first time that a mobilization of teachers is done outside the ranks general of the public service, the strike action today only concerns the personnel of the ministry of national Education.

13:37 – Paris, high school students are taking advantage of the strike to protest against the police in schools

While the government is considering how to ensure greater security in schools, some high school students parisian opposed to the entry of the forces of law and order in the schools have taken advantage of this strike on November 12 to spread their message, as reported by a journalist, LCI is on Twitter.

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