Why was the student of Sophia Delete die? This question will now be answered. This week in Bayreuth begins at the district court in the trial of a truck driver. He is said to have murdered the 28-year-old woman.

What first sounds like a factual and legal processing, it is expected that the family of the dead highly emotional: “We know that the truth comes to the light of day. As a pair, you want to know you, even if it is still so cruel,” says Sophia’s brother Andreas Delete. The case was made in Germany headlines. Also because in the room that Sophia refugees could have fallen victim to.

Now, in 1977 Morocco-born Truck driver, is on trial. Twelve hearing days with 17 witnesses and three experts are scheduled to find out what really happened.

murder of Sophia, Delete – a lot of open questions

The German student wanted to hitch-hike in June 2018 from your place of study in Leipzig in the direction of Nürnberg. From there, you wanted to go according to her brother, Andrew, by S-Bahn to your family to Amberg in the upper Palatinate. But Sophia never came. Her brother says, Sophia was often hitchhiked, and I’ve sent while driving messages via mobile Messenger.


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At a gas station on the A9 motorway in Saxony, the Truck driver took the hitchhiker, and according to the indictment, later murdered – according to court information, with blunt force trauma to the head. The exact modus operandi is unclear. The defendant was, according to the court, to have the student in a skirmish killed.

As a crime scene, upper Franconia is suspected. The driver of the Truck was taken in Spain. There is also Sophia’s body was discovered, a few days after her family had reported her missing.

criticism of German investigators

the parents of The student and her brother in the process as a co-plaintiff. The family has repeatedly criticized the work of the German investigators. You would have to be classified, Sophia long as a missing person’s case, although from the beginning, the suspicion of a violent crime in place. Also, the communication between the Federal States of Bavaria and Saxony did not work. “It can’t be that they are arguing for three days about who is responsible,” says Andreas Delete. The Spanish police had, however, “exemplary” and “in the wind” worked.

Even before the trial, do not Delete recalls that it was a matter of violence, of refugees, but violence against women. The background is that right-wing populists have tried to use Sophia’s death. Among other things, participants of an AfD Demo in Chemnitz, a “silent March had worn”, in the last year the photo of the student in the large-format through the city centre.

the family received hate E-Mails

“don’t let the memory of our Sophia to be used for xenophobic purposes”, had explained to the family after that. “This event was not a place of sincere mourning for Sophia, or anyone else, but a place of agitation and meanness.” Sophia had used in years of political work always decided against exclusion, racism and xenophobia, they stressed.

the family is achieved, among other things, hate E-Mails, such as Andreas Delete reports now. These and Statements in social media have been tested by the Bavarian Central office for Cybercrime in Bamberg, as a spokesman confirmed. In one case, a perpetrator had been identified from the area of Leipzig. The procedure did, however, have to because of guilt inability to be adjusted.

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