In a joint Initiative, are looking for Europe’s police authorities of the 47 most wanted criminals in Europe, on a search website under the title “Europes Most Wanted”. It is a hodgepodge of horror from alleged murderers, robbers, and Criminals of all Stripes – the highest-profile criminals in the EU, such as the authority writes. According to information provided by the authority were due to Internet, many “serious criminals to be released since the beginning of 2016 on the wanted page notes,” identified and detained (for more, read here).

Almost all the severe crimes of violence and crimes accused of, many, several. So 21, are wanted for murder, a total of 22, are to have the serious injury to be guilty of. In the case of nine of the Volatile drug trade in the crimes list. Seven is accused of being part of a criminal organization.

authorities in praise of the part rewards

Among the Sought-after well-known faces. About Ruslan Timurovic Boshirov and Alexander Petrov – the Russians are suspected of the attack on the Ex-double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with a nerve poison committed. Headlines also wrote Friedrich Felzmann: The Austrian is accused of two people shot and another Person severely injured. After his escape, the man is submerged.


part of the “EU’s Most Wanted”: Europol, is hunting, among other things, according to these men,


Felzmann is one of the five Wanted to get a reward. A note to the arrest of Felzmanns should lead, the police in Styria a payment of 5000 Euro.

The low countries Ridouan Taghi is accused of multiple homicide – the police the crucial tip will give a reward of 100,000 euros. The Greek authorities, with the hottest tip on most of the costs: In the case of the arrest of Vasileos Palaiokostas a reward in the amount of one Million euros is beckoning. The 52-Year-old, a number of crimes are accused of: murder, Terror, robbery, kidnapping, forgery of documents.

Help Europol, child abuse

to educate in the fight against child abuse, Europol relies on hints from the network. Under the name of “Stop Child Abuse – Trace to Object” (i.e.: “child abuse stop – an object tracking”) launched the European police office in front of around one and a half years, a project for law enforcement. (Read here in the star more to the Start of the project.) The idea behind it: Using the Internet and potentially millions of tip donors to identify places or objects that have played in cases of child abuse, a role.

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the project “Stop Child Abuse – Trace to Object” to inform the European police authority, Europol, Internet users in the fight against child abuse. Can you answer questions about the pictures?

To ask this photo Europol: Where is the swing?


In the past one and a half years, Europol has published over 100 photos on the Internet, from child porn images. They show, for example, clothing, furniture, or landscapes. An architect from led investigators to China – from the Desk in Finland. As he was going on and in front of the eighth, can do to help, read here.

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