On the 28. In September 1994, the heaviest ship misfortune of Europe occurs since the end of the Second world war. The Estonian ferry Estonia, with 989 people on Board on the way from Tallin to Stockholm. There is, however, never. In the night, a catastrophe occurs: The Bugvisier of the ro-Ro ferry in stormy seas, the ship sinks. 852 people in the cold Baltic sea to the death.

Now almost 25 years later, has a court with the case of “Estonia”. In a suburb of Paris, is currently being negotiated, who should pay compensation payments to the 137 Survivors and their 900 members. The French classification society Bureau Veritas, which had classified the “Estonia” as a seaworthy, and the Meyer-Werft, which built the ferry, lamented the NDR reported. An official investigation report on the disaster found that there were construction defects in the ferry, which dismissed the shipyard.

the process to claim compensation for damages according to the “Estonia”sunset

In the process, it’s more than 40 million euros in damages. According to a lawyer will now be found, “who was for negligence in the design and operation of the ship responsible,” the NDR. Victims and relatives, however, have little hope to win the process. The shipping company EstLine, operated the “Estonia”, paid after the demise of the already 130 million euros in compensation. The question of guilt, however, was never answered.

To this day, many conspiracy theories surrounding the sinking of the ferry. Estonia, Finland and Sweden, those countries which suffered the most victims, an official Commission of inquiry. She comes to the conclusion that the Estonia sank because of the seals of the Bugvisiers, by the vehicles travelling in the ship, were destroyed by the strong waves. This occurred at 1.15 o’clock at night. These visor attachments for Closing the Bugtores were not designed for such loads, as they were in that fateful night occurred. So the parts would need to be much stronger, is the final report.

“Estonia” sank in a short time,

Due to the lack of Bugvisier enormous water penetrated the masses, the “Estonia” a extreme blow side. The Problem: The crew on the bridge had in the beginning, can not see the Bugvisier had resolved, and no alarm message. Thus, the speed of the vessel was not reduced, although it was reported the Crew metallic noises in the bow. The investigation report comes to the conclusion that a reduced speed would have increased the chances of Survival significantly. The crew had also taken all the measures that you can take in such a Situation. To 1.22 at the “Estonia” Mayday radioed.

The command for the evacuation of the ship came only minutes later, there was also no information about the speaker to the passengers. Counter-1.30 PM there were first passengers to the Deck, < / strong> of the wrecked ship. Around 1.45 PM, the “Estonia” keel up, what boats, evacuation and rescue, or Islands made it difficult to lay. Many people jumped into the cold water of the Baltic sea. Around 1.50 PM, 35 minutes after the Bugvisier broke off, sank the Estonia disappeared from the radar screens. She moved hundreds of people with in-depth and for you to the grave.

investigation report, Meyer-Werft debt

Against 2.12 at first ships reached the accident and pulled Survivors from the waves of the Baltic sea. Later, helicopter, which were the remaining Survivors and the bodies of people who died in the cold. The Commission of inquiry later criticized the delayed start of the rescue operation with helicopters.

According to the report, to either the shipyard and/or those responsible, who verified the ship on its seaworthiness. Something the Meyer Werft is not accepted. They set up a Commission of inquiry, which came to an astonishing result: The front panel of the “Estonia” had solved according to the Commission, not by the strong sea, but by at least two heavy detonations. It have been found on underwater video package and holes at the bow, the experts in Explosion and explosives are assigned to, reported the “mirror”. A theory that rejected the then-official Commission of inquiry. However, explosives experts confirmed that there had been explosions on Board. This was later settled by the Federal office for material research but, after the journalist Jutta Rabe made a part of the “Estonia” to investigations, the “mirror”.


ferry crashes into quayside – Oil slick in front of the Gran Canaria

terrorist attack on the “Estonia”?

the “Russia Was” possibly the victim of a terrorist attack? And if so, who is behind it? After the publication of the official investigation report, the criticism was fast and loud. There are too many inconsistencies. Until today, myths about the “true reasons” of the loss. For many, it was suspicious that the Swedish government wanted to rapidly build after the demise of a concrete shell around the wreck. In addition, Sweden, Finland and Estonia dives prohibited to the wreck. It even ships have been to the site of the accident pushed aside, writes the “mirror”. Official reason: to preserve the peace of the Dead. However, many saw it as a cover-up. After protests, the Plan was set from the sarcophagus. The diving there is, however, still banned.

another theory: smuggling. A surviving eyewitness said he saw members of the military at the port, the car later went shortly before departure, two load on Board. It at the time, weapons and military technology from the former Soviet Union to Sweden in the West, smuggled in. Later it became known that the “Estonia” had previously been used for such shipments. The Swedish and British secret services were involved in the weapons shipments, writes the British magazine “New Statesman”.

conspiracy theories to the “Estonia”

The conspiracy theory States that the customs in Sweden knew of the secret cargo know. Therefore, the smugglers had opened the front flap and tried to carry the trucks in the Baltic sea, which failed however. Instead, I want to the ship with torpedoes to sink. This theory is, however, never been confirmed. Other speculations suggest that the Russian secret service caused the explosions, to the smuggling.

Ferry accident in South Korea

captain of the “Sewol” had left the bridge


for More inconsistencies, cover-UPS suggest, the circumstances that underwater video of divers of the Commission of inquiry were cut. This is the “mirror” reported. In addition, there was the sinking of the “Estonia” several Exercises on the ship who staged a bomb threat. The alarm code that came over the speaker was “Mr. Skylight”. Survivors reported that the code word came in from doom over the speakers – the command, which was also used in case of fire alarm.

Were drugs on Board?

further speculation: drug smuggling. The at least one report of an Ex-KGB agent. In the “Felix Report”, the report referred to, it is said that large quantities of Heroin and 40 tonnes of cobalt were being smuggled in two trucks. There were the two vices that had seen the witnesses before? A further inconsistency: Shortly after the disaster, eight crew members were reported as Survivors. They were to be seen even in TV recordings. Since then, but there was no sign of life of them. They were later declared dead.

Whether the process in France, brings more light into the Dark, is rather doubtful. In July, a ruling is expected, who will have to pay damages. The questions of debt and of the cause of the most severe ship accident since the second world war remain unanswered.

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