Focuses on the European Union to the right, the Federal government falter? This Thursday the much-anticipated Europe starts in the UK and the Netherlands have a choice.

Germany and most EU States choose to conclude on Sunday. The outcome of the election does not decide only on the distribution of seats in the European Parliament and of the opportunities of the German Manfred Weber to the Post of EU Commission chief. It’s also about how the Grand coalition in Berlin is working together.

“come tomorrow, the big Moment,” said the spokesman for the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas, on Wednesday. The European election was “the largest cross-border choice on the planet and a Chance to decide about our future.”

a Total of around can determine 418 million people in 28 member States, 751 new MEPs. Not only politicians and film-makers, including business associations, the largest of the EU industrial Nations Germany, France and Italy, called together to vote.

Great disinformation attacks to manipulate the election from Russia have not been known. The danger was not banned but said the EU Commissioner Vera Jourova of the German press Agency. “We still have several days in front of us.”

a critical and right-wing populist parties is Expected to have high voting shares for the EU. That could make the legislation and the filling of top posts in Brussels is extremely complicated. The large party families, the Christian Democrats and social Democrats have to fear in comparison to the 2014 election, significant losses.

According to a projection of the portal “Politico” can hope for the Christian-democratic European people’s party with their top candidate Weber (CSU) to 171 mandates, the social Democrats and the Dutch front man, Frans Timmermans, to 144. The liberals came along with the party LREM the French President, Emmanuel Macron on 107 mandates.

The new nationalist Alliance of the Italian Matteo Salvini would reach, with 74 Seats four; the EU-critical group, ECR would have 57 more seats. Then the Green follow with a 56 and the Left with 51 mandates.

it is Predictable that a nationalist right is jerky especially in Italy with Salvini’s Northern League and France, where the party in power, the Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen, before the Macrons party to the target could come. However, the nationalist right in the future, Europe will remain a Parliament likely to be divided. Whether the FPÖ-scandal in Austria is hurt shortly before the election of the Right is unclear.

Christian and social Democrats are likely to have in the EU Parliament but not a majority, but with the liberal, Green or Left-hand work together. Who can rapidly forging which Alliance will have an impact on whether Weber or the Dutch social-Democrat Frans Timmermans, captured the Post of the President of the European Commission. It is also conceivable for all other candidate is, because the EU heads of state and government to rap the heads of their right to nomination. This already two days after the election, on 28. May, in the case of a special meeting of preliminary decisions of the meeting.

In Germany, the most populous EU member state, are entitled, on Sunday alone, 64.8 million people choice. You may determine 96 of the 751 MEPs. The mandates 41 German political parties and associations are eligible to apply. A Five-percent-hurdle it is: A low single-digit result is likely to be enough.

Above all, the SPD is looking forward to the election on Sunday nervous, especially in the city-state of Bremen the same time, the country’s Parliament will be elected. In surveys, over there behind the CDU: for the First time since 1945 threatens the social Democrats in their former stronghold of the loss of power – a Grand coalition with the CDU you have excluded. And at the same time, local elections in ten States, the SPD could face further adversity.

According to hectic, the party has acted recently. Four days before the election on Sunday the SPD Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, presented on Wednesday a concept for a basic pension in favour of a long contribution number of low-income earners – however, with a financing model that dismisses the Union as the “air bookings”.

In the European election polls, the SPD is between 15 and 19 percent. You should land at the lower end of, or behind the Green at 17 to 19 per cent, and Bremen lost, could break the unrest among the social Democrats rail. Especially the party and the group head of Andrea Nahles is likely to be attributed to the year-long descent is not stopped. In the media recently speculated about a possible revolt, the Nahles could displace from the group’s presidency. And depending on the result of the election, opponents of the Grand coalition to Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert are likely to drums again.

Also in the Union trouble. In Europe surveys, you are ranked between 28 and 32 percent. In an emotional Letter to all households in the CDU to call the Boss to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and the top candidate Weber for election to the Union. “There are forces that are destroying Europe, columns, and weaknesses in want”, said, according to dpa-information.

For the Sunday, a week after the election, Kramp-Karrenbauer has convened a CDU-leadership retreat. That’s where it should go primarily to the substance of the realignment – it is unclear whether the replacement of some Cabinet posts to the topic.

A small Cabinet reshuffle is in any case necessary, because the EU top candidate of the SPD, Katarina Barley, wishes to withdraw because of their change to Brussels as a Minister of justice. “In the 26. May is closing,” she said of the editors ‘ network of Germany.

And then there is the question of whether Chancellor Angela Merkel – all the assurances of grants, in Spite of – even before 2021, the Chancellor’s office. The intention to switch to the EU-level, denies them. Populists and the nationalists to bring the EU to the Slides, could Merkel’s EU allies tries to lure you, however.

From the other parliamentary parties see the EU surveys, the right-wing populist AfD with 10 to 12 percent, which Left at 6 to 8 and the FDP at 5 percent to 7 percent.