Five weeks before the European elections, current polls see the Christian-democratic EPP, the German CSU politician Manfred Weber as the top candidate despite significant losses at the front.

The European party family of the CDU and the CSU would, therefore, EU-wide, around 24 per cent. Behind the social Democrats (19.8 per cent) and the liberals (10.1 percent) were about to land, such as the European Parliament reported on Thursday.

the Big winner in the polls the group for a Europe of Nations and freedom is, currently, among other things, the Austrian FPÖ, the Italian Lega, and the French party, the Rassemblement National (formerly National Front). The merger could, according to the pollsters to 8.3 per cent (plus 3.3 per cent) and significantly stronger, when he reorganized after the election, as planned, and the German AfD takes. Only with a large distance behind the Green (7.6 percent) and Left (6.1 percent), or they would.

The Figures confirm prior predictions, to fear, according to which the largest groups are sensitive to loss. The EPP could lose therefore, compared to 2014 is about 5 percentage points, as it would apply to the social Democrats. If both camps want to again form a coalition to select, for example, the future EU Commission President, they would have to participate this time, at least one other party.

at Least partly responsible for the losses of the major party families, the poor values of the CDU, CSU and SPD. So, the CDU and CSU need to be expected after the surveys in order to get four seats less than in 2014. You would be only 30 seats. The SPD could stall the polls from 27 to 17 seats. The Green would come on 18 (plus 7), the AfD to 11 (plus 4) and the FDP on 7 seats (plus 4).

For your current projections, the researchers assumed that the UK will participate, despite the Brexit plans once again in the European elections. The according to surveys, the British social-Democrats must hope, therefore, to 26.5 per cent, while the conservatives, Tories, Prime Minister Theresa May, are only 16.5 percent. Behind the new Brexit-party to the EU-Nigel Farage MEP, as well as the anti-EU Ukip follow with 13.5 percent. The liberal Democrats are seen at 9.0 percent and the Greens at 7 percent.

especially the European socialists and Democrats (S&D) would Benefit from the participation of the British, and the right-wing populists. The S&D group on 19 unexpected seats, the right-wing populist Europe of Nations group, and freedom, among other things, on ten of the Brexit-the party of Farage.

No benefits, a British turnout does, however, for the EPP top candidate Weber. Lastly, there is no British party was more EPP-member. The Tories May belong to for years, the conservative party family-ECR, which is the most recent surveys, in Europe at 8.8 per cent.