The EU Commission currently sees no Basis for further Brexit negotiations, and feared, therefore, a Unger, a British EU-exit 31. October.

reported As diplomats, were representatives of the remaining 27 EU member States informed one last time about the fact that the requirements of the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were incompatible with the EU Position. Johnson wants to untie, therefore, necessarily that of his predecessor, Theresa May, negotiated exit agreement again, in order to eliminate the so-called Backstop clause. The EU rejects that categorically.

The Backstop clause is to prevent from an EU point of view, between the British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland border controls must be introduced. Johnson sees in the guarantee clause, however, an “Instrument of incarceration”, because you could keep the British in Northern Ireland in the customs Union and the internal market, if, in the pending negotiations on the future relations between the EU and the UK, there is no Consensus is achieved.

the Basis of the under the direction of the EU representative was a Meeting of Johnson’s EU envoy David Frost with Brexit-experts of the EU Commission in the last week. It was the first of this type, according to Johnson’s office.

The new Prime Minister had repeatedly stressed that he is convinced that a regulated EU exit current Brexit-reporting date: on 31. October is feasible. If necessary, he wants to lead his country but, without Leaving agreement out of the EU.

How it goes in the next few weeks, according to diplomats, is unclear. No one knows whether Johnson will play poker only, in order to bring the EU to cave in to – or whether he would lead the UK really without an exit agreement from the EU. The latter scenario is likely to have especially for the economic significant consequences, because according to the current state of things, of customs duties and border controls had to be introduced.

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