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Merkel wants to fight “until the last hour” for children of Brexit (15.06 PM)One Million Britons sign Petition for Exit from Brexit (12.34 p.m.)head of the Labour party Corbyn advertises in Brussels for alternatives Brexit Plan (11.07 PM)brings Merkel and other EU-summit in conversation (9.43 a.m.)study: Brexit suppressed income in Germany in billion (5.04 PM)

The EU heads of state and heads of government want The messages from the EU summit in the star-Ticker:

+++ 17.57: EU open to Brexit-shift sub-conditions +++

according to the draft summit Declaration, a displacement of the Brexit-appointment to 22. May, in principle, agree. The news Agency Reuters reports. Condition, however, is that the British assume under the house repeatedly refused to exit the contract in the coming week, but still, it was in the evening.

+++ 15.37 PM: Macron warns British Chaos-Brexit in the case of refusal of withdrawal of the contract +++

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has increased the pressure on the British Parliament, the EU agreed exit agreement. If it come in the house once again to a rejection of the agreement, “we move to a No-Deal scenario,” warned Macron at the EU summit in Brussels on Thursday with a view to a disorderly exit by the UK. The EU could also grant “excessive extensions of the” Brexit. Because these impaired “to decide their ability and to act”.

+++ 15.22 PM: Irish Premier: EU open to Brexit-shift +++

The European Union is, in the words of the Irish Minister Leo Varadkar open to a shift in the Brexits. “No one wants to here a “No-Deal”,” said Varadkar before the EU summit in Brussels. “Ireland don’t want a “No-Deal”, Europe does not want “No-Deal”.”

a chaotic departure without a contract on the intended date of the UK leaving the EU, the Friday of next week (29 is Meant. March). The British Prime Minister Theresa May had to shift up to 30. June asked.

+++ 15.06 PM: Merkel wants “up to the last hour of” an orderly Brexit fight +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has been shown at the EU summit determined to fight to the last for an orderly withdrawal of Britain. The Brexit would be “an event of historical significance,” she said in Brussels. The other EU-States should therefore “carefully” and “above all things, to the last hour everything, that there can be an orderly withdrawal of Britain from the European Union”. The EU should also set out that it will continue to be no majority in the British Parliament for the exit agreement, Merkel said. It then “day-to-day needs can be” decided “what we do”.

The Chancellor stressed that there was the summit on other topics. She pointed to scheduled talks on the relationship of China and the industrial policy of the EU. “One thing is clear,” Merkel said: “The British outlet is important, but the 27 (EU States) and (…) also need to think about your future.”

+++ 14.51 PM: EU leaders hope to Brexit-a breakthrough in the British Parliament +++

at The start of the EU summit in Brussels European leaders discontent over the Brexit-a standstill in the house of Commons to recognize. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told Parliament in London would have to make next week a “reasonable decision” about the withdrawal of the contract. He expected that the summit will meet on Thursday to the British desire for a postponement of the exit date of the “in principle”. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel and the defendant, the continued uncertainty due to the chaotic situation in London. “You know, what you really want.” May want to achieve in Brussels and the other EU leaders that so far on the 29. March fixed exit date until the end of June extend. She hopes to find up to then, but still in the lower house a majority for the discharge of the contract, which had been already rejected twice by a large majority.

+++ 14.28 PM: May at the Brussels summit to target a EU regulated discharge +++

in Spite of the opposition in the British Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May the target of an EU regulated want to hold on exit. “I sincerely hope that we can emerge with a contract,” said May on their Arrival at the EU summit in Brussels. You reiterated your claim to the house of Commons in London, the EU negotiated exit contract to agree to. “It is now important that the Parliament decides,” said May. The vote of the British electorate for a withdrawal from the EU would have to be implemented. They work hard to ensure that “the Parliament can accept the agreement, so that we can escape in an orderly way,” said the Prime Minister. The lower house had rejected the Treaty in recent weeks, however, two Times with a clear majority.

May want to achieve in Brussels and the other EU leaders to extend the termination date until the end of June. However, there are in Brussels, but Resistors, since the end of may, is elected the new European Parliament. Therefore, many of the EU’s advocate-representative for a Brexit-a postponement only until the election date.

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