President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani is linked to a possible shift of the EU exit of the UK conditions.

“The leaving date can be several weeks moved from the end of March to a maximum in the beginning of July,” said Tajani, the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday). Then the newly elected European Parliament will come of it. “In any case, the British have to give us a reason for a shift, for example, that you want to use this time for new elections or a new Referendum,” said the Italian.

On Tuesday, wants to let the British Prime Minister, Theresa May again to exit the EU agreements to the vote. For the case of a re-rout the government wants to head next Wednesday on an exit without an agreement to the vote. Even that is rejected, to choose the deputies on Thursday, if London is to apply for a postponement of the Brexits.

It is now a question of, “to avoid the biggest error: a chaotic Brexit without contractual regulation,” said Tajani. “That would be a Disaster for the British economy and harmful for us, too.” At the same time, he was uncompromising. It was “completely impossible to alter the contents of the divorce agreement yet and certainly not in the Northern Ireland question”, said the President of the Parliament.

there will be a dispute between London and Brussels, especially about the as a Backstop, to be referred to a guarantee for an open border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. The rules in the withdrawal agreement provides, that the UK should remain as a Whole in a customs Union with the EU, until the Problem is solved otherwise. First, on Friday May the EU had demanded concessions.