a Political earthquake in the British Parliament: Five weeks prior to the Brexit has received the newly-established “Independent group” in the lower house the growth of the ruling Conservatives.

The EU-friendly politicians, Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston and Anna Soubry withdrew on Wednesday from the Tory party and joined the new group. In your eight deputies, who had left the main opposition party to Labour in Protest already.

The Ex-Tory women called on other members of the public to follow their example. Observers believe that this will result in the balance of power change in the Parliament and this could possibly lead to a solution to the EU exit.

the Prime Minister Theresa May was “saddened by this decision”, but unwavering. She stressed, with a view to the on 29. March planned Brexit: “We do the Right thing for our country.”

The three separatist politicians were against it: “The country deserves something Better.” Both the Conservative as well as in the Labour party’s great mistake had been made. The policy is in need of a fast, radical Reform. “And we are determined to make our contribution.”

The leader of the Scottish national party SNP, Ian Blackford, spoke in Parliament of a “constitutional crisis, on the verge of a Brexit-disaster”. The house is at war with itself. “The Tories and the Labour party implode,” said Blackford.

The London Parliament is divided over the Leaving course total. Mays minority government, supported by the Northern Ireland party, the DUP, is dependent on every vote.

The new group was founded by seven Labour members on the last Monday in Protest against the Brexit course of their party leaders, Jeremy Corbyn. The 69-Year-old who has long drawn a clear Position to exit the EU, on new elections.

The members also criticise the handling of the Altlinken with anti-Semitic tendencies in his party. An eighth Labour MP, Joan Ryan, left on Wednesday Labour. She was scared, “appalled and angry” about the fact that Corbyn let insults by Jews go unpunished, said Ryan of the BBC. He was not suited to lead in the future of the country.

last summer, Corbyn had acknowledged that the disciplinary proceedings against anti-Semitic party members have been too slow and timid. Critics accuse him of also a one-sided support of the Palestinians in the middle East conflict.

the longer it is feared that Labour might break apart. The opinions about Corbyn apart to go in the party. Many young people, he moved in droves to the party.

it is Unclear whether the new group is forming in Parliament to a party. The British electoral system that only knows the direct mandate, preferably, the two major parties. Smaller have it is extremely difficult to win seats in the lower house. Nevertheless, both major parties are finding it increasingly difficult to win a clear majority for the government.