The EU border Agency, Frontex, does not tolerate a media report alleging human rights violations at the EU’s external borders and breach in the case of the deportation flights, even against human rights. The allegations, according to information from the ARD political magazine “report München” by hundreds of internal Frontex documents, has analyzed the political magazine, together with the British “Guardian” and the research centre “Correctiv”. Accordingly, Frontex turn a blind eye to excessive violence perpetrated on Europe’s borders by national border officials.

The Frontex reports document according to the “report of Munich”, among other things, the “abuse of refugees”, “hunts with hounds” and “attacks with pepper spray,” the European external borders. The allegations therefore relate, among other things, on border protection personnel in Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. As an EU Agency, Frontex, have the opportunity, as a response to the human rights of the own members of staff from the operations, violations, to be deducted in these countries, reported by “report München”. However, Frontex has implemented this measure so far, not a single Time.

protection of the external borders of the EU

media report: Frontex force is to be increased from 1500 to 10,000 man


Frontex is doing this complicit, criticized the head of the Frontex consultative forum, Stephan Kessler in the show, which will be broadcast on Tuesday evening.

Frontex to participate in human rights violations

The report cited also a further internal Frontex document, according to officials from the EU Agency flights are involved in Deportation to human rights violations. So about unaccompanied minors were deported or refugees with medication been quietly made.

The Greek Parliament established the human rights officer Andreas Potakis, to mediate between his government and Frontex, defendant to “report München”, that “an EU Agency applies lower Standards to comply with the rule of law than what the EU requires its member States.” The EU will lose its moral authority, said Potakis.

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