The rage of tens of thousands of independence supporters from Catalonia about the trial against twelve prominent separatist leader has moved to Madrid.

The famous Boulevard Paseo del Prado in the centre was bathed on Saturday night for the first time in the yellow-red-and-blue colours of the “Estelada”, the flag of the Catalan independence movement is a unusual sight in the Spanish capital. However, the authorities and the organizers, participants referred to a divergence in pay.

While the representation of the Catalan government in Madrid, 18,000 demonstrators ran out, the organizers of 120,000 participants. The rally was held under the slogan “self-determination is not a crime”.

again and again, the people chanted the words “freedom for political prisoners!” and held pictures of their detained leaders and yellow ribbons, the Symbol for solidarity with the Detainees. Twelve former leaders and activists from the conflict region will have to answer since the middle of February, before the Supreme court in Madrid. You will be due to the despite a judicial ban, carried out the secession referendum of 1. October 2017, among other things, Rebellion, riot, and embezzlement are accused of.

the big demo had been called by the organization “Catalan national Assembly” (ANC), and about 50 other associations and parties. In order to bring the participants in the capital, media were chartered according to reports, 500 buses, including 15 special trains were in operation.

the Demonstration by the Catalan regional President, Quim Torra, and many citizens, it was Argued, the Region master. “Spain, listen to this cry for freedom, cry for independence!”, Torra said. The relationship between the government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, and the Region in the North-East of Spain is still dead.

500 police officers were deployed to ensure security and order. The protesters circled the helicopter. However, there were no incidents: The atmosphere at the March, with summer temperatures of 25 degrees took place, was relaxed and peaceful.

The accused the separatists, including three women, threaten years of imprisonment. The controversial process is transferred for weeks, live on Spanish television, in order to ensure the greatest possible transparency. The verdicts are not expected before July.

Ex-regional chief Carles Puigdemont, who had fled from justice to the Belgian exile, is not affected by the procedure. He spoke in the evening on Twitter as a “historic day”, the protesters would have “behavior model”: “Esteladas, on the streets and in a cheerful atmosphere. Thank you.”