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ESL Apps to Help You Master English

When I was researching to find some of the best ESL apps out there, I ran into this website with a list of top ESL apps. This link was very helpful to me in my research so I wanted to share it with your first so you can check out the apps for yourself.

Great ESL Apps

But, keep reading on to get tips from the research I did on finding the best ESL apps to help anyone master the English language.

Introductory Apps for Beginners

Indeed, there are many ESL apps out there for differing levels of comprehension of the English language. Each one is designed to cater to students depending on their knowledge and proficiency. For example, beginners like ESL elementary students need to find apps that focus on the basics. These apps will start off with easy words that are used on a regular basis so that the student hears the word routinely to commit to memory easily.

For instance, a good app that might help students learning English as their second language would be flashcard apps. This way, the student is learning the word by identifying it with the corresponding picture. This is great for memorization and visualization for the student. For example, the student can learn the English words for vegetables or animals, then the flashcard can show pictures of a carrot, cat, or fish.

Moreover, flashcards are a great visual learning tool. It helps children that are just learning the English language understand the words easily. Many of these apps employ interactive features to make learning a more enjoyable experience. Therefore, if you or your child is just beginning to learn ESL, these types of beginner apps are the best way to start off learning.

Move on to Advanced ESL apps to improve your skills.

Now that you have graduated from beginner ESL apps by improving your vocabulary skills, its time to move onto the next level. So, depending on what level of proficiency you are at now, you may want to look into either intermediate or even higher English courses. In addition to beginner apps, there are also higher-level teaching apps so you don’t have to worry about enrolling in a course if you prefer not to in order to advance your knowledge.

However, advanced courses don’t teach you vocabulary as much or try to help you memorize common terms, but rather focus on different principles of the English language. For instance, areas of focus could be on sentence structure like grammar rules, patterns of speech, or even the method of reading, which is called phonics.

Specifically, there is an app called ABA English, which broadens a student’s knowledge of writing, speaking, and listening with educational videos. Although, if you don’t like learning from these videos, not to worry, there are other types of apps that you can learn from. For example, other apps can engage learners with challenges or quizzes in which you have to pass to get to the next level or offer a more conversational approach to learning English. Ultimately, no matter your preferred learning style, these apps can make learning fun.

Get Familiar with Speaking and Listening

To become fluent in the English language, a student must master necessary aspects like listening and speaking. Therefore, students should practice having a conversation in English in order to increase their level of education through their comprehension and vocabulary. And when it comes to conversational English, there’s no lack of options for apps. For example, there are apps that let you download different audio files with speaking exercises so you can listen over and over again and practice. Even better, there are audio apps that introduce students to normal conversational exchanges like explaining how you feel, talking to a boss or professional, or learning to handle difficult situations.

However, for students that are learning English as their second language, learning how to master speaking and listening can be some of the most difficult aspects of the English language to learn. Therefore, using speaking and listening to ESL apps can help the student learn better by engaging with the apps.

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In Conclusion

Learning English can be difficult for a non-native speaker. But, apps can help any student learn, no matter if they are just starting out or learning at a higher level. In addition, apps can offer different learning styles to make learning at any level more enjoyable for every student. Lastly, apps can help students master conversation by helping them improve in the areas of listening and speaking.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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