Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to turn back the famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque. The state-run Anadolu news Agency reported on Thursday, citing a TV Interview.

in The 6. Century after Christ, built Hagia Sophia (Greek: Holy wisdom) was almost Christendom for a thousand years the largest Church in the. After the conquest of the then Constantinople, in 1453, the Ottomans converted the Church into a mosque. Since 1934 it is a Museum and annually attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors.

In Turkey, the municipal elections are on Sunday. Erdogan had already said three days ago in the election campaign that it was “impossible” that the Hagia Sophia back to a mosque. In the Interview with the television channel A Haber, he was now as if the decision had fallen. “Hagia Sophia is no longer called a Museum. You will be taken out of this Status. We will call it Hagia Sophia is a mosque,” Erdogan said, Anadolu said.

Religion was a theme in the election campaign, which has been particularly polarized. Erdogan has led the campaign to date is extremely aggressive. The issue of Hagia Sophia – with Erdogan for years – was a flirt after the mosque attacks in Christchurch, new Zealand again cooked. The assassin had spoken according to media reports, in a Manifesto of a Hagia Sophia “without minarets”.

Erdogan took advantage of the attacks in campaign speeches to attacks on the “Islam hostile to the West”. He had also shown pixelated clips from the video footage of the assassin of fact, while there were in all over the world to Try and remove the violence video from the Internet.