About a week after the local elections in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has referred to the vote in Istanbul as contrary to the rules.

His government party, the AKP, have found that there had been an “organised crime” in the election, Erdogan said in Istanbul on Monday before a trip to Moscow. The corresponding documents had been submitted to the High election Commission.

There are also camera shots that showed “where, how, and what kind of misappropriation has been committed”. He also spoke of the “theft of the ballot box”, without more detail.

The candidate of the largest opposition party, the CHP, Ekrem imamoğlu, had the mayoral election in Istanbul on March 31. March won according to preliminary results, with a razor-thin lead before Ex-Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

Erdogan said, “in Istanbul, where there are more than ten million voters, have the right and authority, with a difference of 1. 000 or 14,000 votes as the winner attitude.”

The ACP had requested on Sunday at the High election Commission (YSK) for a recount of all votes in 38 districts of Istanbul. In one district, the ACP called for the cancellation of the election result. The decision of the YSK.