Egypt’s Ex-leader Mohammed Morsi have been killed, according to the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Mursi had not died a natural death, but had been killed, Erdogan said in Istanbul on Wednesday.

Turkey will do everything to bring Egypt before international courts. The government in Cairo accused the human rights office of the United Nations, to take advantage of Morsi’s death for political purposes.

The claim from Geneva for an independent investigation of the circumstances of the deaths was an “attempt to politicize a natural cause of death intentionally,” said an Egyptian foreign Ministry spokesman. The UN office in Geneva to draw “hasty conclusions” not based on Evidence.

The 67-year-old Morsi was broken on Monday during a court hearing, fainted and then died. Local media reported, citing medical circles that the former President had suffered a heart attack.

human rights activist led to his death, however, the poor conditions during his roughly six years in prison. Morsi’s family says he suffered from Diabetes and had become during his imprisonment, time already twice passed out. She accuses the Egyptian authorities to have him appropriate medical care.

According to a report in the British “Independent” was Morsi in a cage in the courtroom more than 20 minutes, slumped down on the floor before Doctors him removal. Instead of helping him, had guards brought the family members from the courtroom, witnesses reported the newspaper, citing eyes. The help of another prisoner calls within the cell in the hall had long been ignored.

Mursi had come in 2012, as the first freely elected President of the country to Power after protests in July 2013 by the military has been overthrown. He was a member of the Islamist Muslim brotherhood, which are now banned in Egypt, to Turkey, however, good contacts to maintain.