The national associations have asked the Federal government to make more efforts for the creation of equivalent living conditions in Germany.

For even more tax money would be necessary. It would have to be “substantial improvements” on the way, which will be for local citizens and their communities felt, said in a statement, the associations after a Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). “In wide areas we have no knowledge, but an implementation problem.”

the tips of The associations had met early on Tuesday evening with Merkel. The Federal government had set up a Commission Equivalent living conditions in the municipalities are represented.

The many debates and concerns in the six working groups of the Commission have to be conducted at the end of clever together, the top associations. “And the Federal government will also need additional tax resources to meet raised expectations can be met”, declared the President of the German Association of cities, the German County of day and the German Association of cities and municipalities, mayor Markus Lewe (Münster), Landrat Reinhard Sager (Kreis Ostholstein) and first mayor Uwe Brandl (Abensberg).

The problems and possibilities of the municipalities were often very different, for example, gave way to the future opportunities of young people in each of the areas from each other.

A building block for the creation of equivalent living conditions quick Internet, whether it means more. “A good broadband and mobile coverage is now the A and O.” Therefore, gaps in the supply would have to be closed, and the Expansion of Gigabit-level driven and a fast and guaranteed Expansion in mobile communications to 5G.

Other topics in the conversation with Merkel, the all-day care for school children, as well as the financing of the migration policy were the Central associations according to. The Federal government must continue to be involved. “The financing of refugee costs is currently governed by the end of 2019. The municipalities, however, need planning security.”