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the AfD in the North want to shut out the media at Congress (19.11 PM)actress Hannelore Elsner is dead (15.23 PM)Putin, Kim meets on Thursday (15: 07)cyclists in snake lines on the highway traveling (14.42 hours)Sri Lanka: IS attacks (12.58 p.m.)the death of a reporter in Northern Ireland: arrest (9.56 PM)

the news of The day in the star-Ticker claimed:

+++ 23.46 watch: Kim travels to the summit in Russia +++

North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un has to make the journey to his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin took office. Kim and a Delegation traveled in a special train in the direction of Russia, as the North Korean news Agency KCNA reported. The Kremlin had been informed that Kim and Putin will meet on Thursday in Vladivostok in Eastern Russia. The focus of the conversation should be according to the Russian presidency, “a political and diplomatic solution to the nuclear problem on the Korean Peninsula”. It is the first summit meeting of the two politicians. Russia is one of the few allies of North Korea.

+++ 21.13 PM: Over 30 Dead in floods and landslides in South Africa +++

In South Africa are more than 30 people in Floods and landslides claimed the lives of. Among the 33 deaths, a six-month-old Baby and a ten-year-old child. 42 other people were injured. Ten children were still missing. A spokesman for the local emergency service said heavy rains had damaged in Durban on the East coast of the country, a number of houses and caused landslides. Forces were looking for, but it is possible further Victims. Meteorologists warned of further heavy rainfall until Wednesday.

+++ 20.35 PM: forest fires in Sweden and Norway +++

In several places in Scandinavia, the use of forces to fight with big drought to forest and land fires. As television showed pictures, there was a fire in the southern Swedish Region of Skåne. There are four family farms were evacuated. Overall, the Swedish rescue services reported that there were in the evening, 45 inserts. In the neighboring country of Norway, the police informed that even there it burn in different Places. The fire in the Region of Rogaland were not yet under control. In both countries, the helicopters were used to fight the flames.

+++ 20.10: Egyptians vote for tenure extension for President al-Sisi +++

The Egyptians, according to the national electoral authority with a large majority for the controversial tenure elongation of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi voted. 88,83 per cent of the electorate had voted in favour of extending the term up to the year 2030. The Parliament in Cairo had made the way for the term extension. The deputies voted by an overwhelming majority for a constitutional amendment, which aims to extend al-Sisi’s current mandate by two years to six years. Then, the President should be able to a further six-year term of office apply. It would be al-Sisi’s third mandate. So far, only two terms in office provided for in the Constitution. The 64-Year-old had taken over after the overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013, the Power in Egypt.

+++ 19.34 PM: French researchers measured, perhaps for the first time, a Mars-quake +++

the French scientists have measured for the first Time a vibration on the surface of the red planet. This could be according to the French space Agency, Cnes, may be a slight “Mars quake”. Since the end of last year, the so-called SEIS-probe is on Mars active. The half-ball-shaped device measures vibrations on the surface, which may be the result of seismic activity, but also of environmental influences. The Cnes-experts believe that the recorded motion could be an earthquake. “We have been waiting for months to have our first Mars quake,” said Philippe Lognonné from the Paris Institut de Physique du Globe (Institute for Erdphysik). “It is great to finally have a sign that Mars still seismic activity.” However it is still unclear whether the quake could have another cause.

+++ 19.16 PM: prison sentences for the Couple, the young Afghan woman to Prostitution +++

has been sentenced to forced A Couple who has forced a young Afghan woman for months, to Prostitution, to three years and ten months imprisonment. “We have no doubt as to the motive to have the Victim come to send you on the line,” said judge Philip Stoll during sentencing at the Munich regional court I. The two defendants were convicted, among other things, due to severe forced prostitution.

+++ 19.11 PM: AfD in Schleswig-Holstein wants to the state Convention of the media +++

To exclude a decision of the land Executive of the AfD in Schleswig-Holstein, the land party Congress to be held next weekend in Schleswig-Holstein, to the exclusion of the media. A decision of the country have taken to the Executive Board, Stefan Pahlow, personal assistant to member of the German Bundestag and Deputy AfD Chairman Bruno Hollnagel in Berlin. The last word should, however, have, according to Pahlows the to the state Convention the members present. You should put it to a vote, whether in the party, the journalists in front of the door to remain or to be able to meet the need.

+++ 18.55 PM: EPP candidate Manfred Weber: “Turkey will never be member of EU” +++

The CSU politician Manfred Weber wants to stop the accession negotiations between the EU and Turkey. “Turkey will never be member of the EU,” he told journalists at his campaign kick-off in Athens. This means no rupture of relations with Turkey, but: “We need to be honest with each other.” In the program, with the Weber in the EU-election campaign, said that Turkey be removed from European values, EU membership is therefore not an Option. Weber is the top candidate of the conservative EU party family, the EPP, and is considered to be contenders for the succession of Jean-Claude Juncker as EU Commission chief.

+++ 17.43 PM: forest fire in the Thuringian dam, and a district administrator in the case of a disaster +++

gets The lead hole reservoir in Tühringen forces to fight against a huge fire. According to the authorities, a wooded area on approximately 13 acres in flames. District administrator Thomas Fügmann called in the event of a disaster. On Easter Sunday, the first outbreak of fire was actually deleted, but it flares up in the meantime in several Places. On a steep slope in the hall of the village, he was received by the fire fighters, first in the handle. People were not in danger, it said. Which is smokedner were asked to keep Windows and doors of houses closed.

+++ 17.28 watch: government wants to. children in need of care financially protect +++

The Federal government wants to relieve children of patient financial In the case of less than € 100,000 annual income children no longer have to pay for their parents, according to a report by the editorial network Germany (RND) in a draft of the Federal Ministry of labour for a “maintenance relief act”. Today, children have to pay in the framework of their financial possibilities to an asset for a home, if the parents can’t pay for it.

+++ 17.18 PM: 130-year-old little red riding hood-a bottle of Sparkling wine works + + + have been discovered

A more than 130-year-old little red riding hood-a bottle of Sparkling wine is the construction of a bridge in Saxony-Anhalt discovered. The bottle get a place of honor in the collection of the company, said a spokesman for the Rotkäppchen-Mumm champagne cellars. Accordingly, it is the oldest bottle in the extensive collection of the company. The bottle was reported to be in a “time capsule”, which was filed in 1886, inaugurated a bridge at the river Unstrut in Nebra.

+++ 17.11 PM: Notre Dame receives a plastic tarpaulin +++

The Parisian Cathedral of Notre-Dame receives well a week after the devastating fire a plastic tarp at the point of the roof collapsed. The Work on the choir of the Gothic Church had started, said Church spokesman André Finot. Accordingly, the Church ship would be covered.

With the Plane to Notre Dame to be protected from rain that is expected this week. He could cause damage to the Interior of the Cathedral. In the case of the large fire in the sacred building, two-thirds of the roof, as well as the distinctive pointed tower collapsed.

+++ 16: 20: shots fired in the southern French pilgrimage site of Lourdes +++

In the southern French pilgrimage site of Lourdes, shots fired: they had been fired from an Armed outside, holed up in his apartment, said the Prefecture. The Suspect firmly believe that “two to three” people. Police officers from the elite unit Raid, were in use as well as the fire brigade and the rescue services.

the house was built according to the Prefecture of barriers. The police brought the inhabitants of the adjacent building to safety. According to a regional media, the authorities of a private conflict. The offender is to keep a separated husband to keep his Ex-wife, together with your current Partner, reported the newspaper “La Dépêche du Midi”.

+++ 16.18 PM: Four arrests after a spectacular robbery at the airport of Tirana +++

Two weeks after the spectacular robbery of a passenger plane at the airport of the Albanian capital Tirana have been arrested four Suspects. It were inhabitants of Albania in the age between 25 and 38 years, police said. You of armed robbery and illegal possession of weapons would be.

During the search of the Suspect evidence had been found, “which will help in the investigation,” it said. Exactly when the festival took place, was not notified.

+++ 15.52 PM: Alleged car race: innocent life-dangerous++

injured + In the case of an alleged car race in Moers has been injured an innocent driver hit and dangerous to life. The two racers are to be fled after the accident, without a care to the injured 43-Year-old, said the police. A homicide investigation for the suspicion of an attempted homicide.

According to previous investigations had delivered two motorists on Monday evening, an illicit race. Both accelerated according to witnesses, strong, and drove side by side. One of the two was on the lane for oncoming traffic on the road, and I can’t brake in good time, as the 43-Year-old were with your car on the road. The two cars collided.

The driver got out of his damaged car and walked with a limp. The second alleged speeders have in a timely manner can slow down. He was driving after the accident. Who was at the wheel of fast cars, was initially unclear. The police wanted to question the holder of the two cars.

+++ 15.44 PM: Saudi Arabia is 37 people on charges of “terrorism” + + +

Saudi Arabia has directed on Tuesday of 37 people, who had been convicted of “terrorism”. The death of Riyadh, the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina, in the province of Kassim, as well as in the Eastern province has been enforced, had met in the capital, the interior Ministry said in a by the official SPA news Agency published a statement.

The executed had all been found guilty of “terrorist, extremist Thinking to have appropriated,” it said. The most common method of execution in Saudi Arabia is one of the heads, with a sabre. As the Ministry informed, was one of the Convicts crucified on the Tuesday; a method of Execution that is intended only for the most serious crimes.

+++ 15.23 PM: actress Hannelore Elsner at the age of 76 years died +++

Hannelore Elnser is dead. The actress died at the weekend at the age of 76 after a short illness. The family’s lawyer Matthias Prinz confirmed the editors ‘ network of Germany. “As lawyers for the family of Hannelore Elsner we have the sad duty to inform the Public that Hannelore Elsner ill surprisingly heavy, and on Easter Sunday, peacefully asleep.” Elsner had starred in dozens of television films and was awarded, among others, the Bavarian television prize and the German Federal cross of merit. Most recently, she was featured in the movie “cherry blossoms and demons” by Doris Dörrie.

In a first Statement, Martin Moszkowicz, Chairman of Constantin Film said: “Hannelore Elsner, the German cinema and television world dominated like no other. The German Film is now poorer. We bow before the power of this great actress. We lose a friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.” Doris Dörrie, author and Director: “For me, Hannelore Elsner was a great adventurer who has thrown himself with curiosity, dedication, and bravery in every role and in your life. I’m going to miss you very much.”

+++ 15.10: UN report: Up to a Million animal and plant species threatened +++

Because of the progressive destruction of the environment are, according to the draft of a UN report, up to a Million animal and plant species in danger of extinction. Many of these 500,000 to a Million species threatened “in the to disappear in the coming decades”, – stated in the draft report for the global biodiversity, which was available to the AFP news Agency exclusively. The alarming Report wants the intergovernmental platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services (IPBES) on Monday in Paris, the beginning of the conference introduce

+++ 15.07 PM: Putin meets with North Korea’s leader Kim on Thursday +++

Russian President Vladimir Putin to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un meeting on Thursday. The conversation will take place in the city of Vladivostok in Eastern Russia, said the Kremlin in Moscow. The talks focused on a political and diplomatic solution to the nuclear problem will be “on the Korean Peninsula”.

+++ 14.42 PM: Cycling in serpentine lines on a highway traveling Truck-driver to protect him from +++

a truck driver have shielded a cyclist on the highway 23 in the state of Schleswig-Holstein with their vehicles and it could cause a fatal accident preserved. The 21-Year-old was, according to police in the evening at Itzehoe in snake lines on the entire width of the multi-lane roadway. Three Trucker positioned, therefore, with your vehicles behind him. As the officials said, made the cyclists, however, no intention of leaving the motorway. After about two kilometres, one of the Truck driver overtook the man, cutting him gently away, and went to him. After a few words of the cyclists collapsed. An ambulance took him to the hospital. According to police he had consumed, apparently, drugs or alcohol, and lost, momentarily, the consciousness. In the clinic, his condition had improved. An investigation was initiated. The incident occurred last Thursday.

+++ 14.24 PM: investigation after the death of the rebel leader in custody in Mannheim +++

In the case of the in custody deceased Rwandan rebel leader Ignace M. the Mannheim public Prosecutor’s office determined now. A lawyer had filed a criminal complaint against Unknown because of Doubt that in the prison proper was at an end, said a spokesman for the authority. If it were a death investigation. The autopsy of the corpse was arranged. The lawyer had refunded according to its own information in the name of the 15-year-old son of the dead display on suspicion of failing to give assistance, the negligent killing of, or all of the eligible offences.

in Germany as a ringleader of a foreign terrorist Association in the Eastern Congo sentenced Ignace M. was 16. April died at the age of 55 in a Mannheim hospital. The state of health of the heads of the Association “democratic forces for the liberation of Rwanda” had deteriorated, according to the higher regional court of Stuttgart, in jail, all of a sudden. The lawyer reported, however, from a long illness, your client, to react adequately.

+++ 14.21 PM: Harley-Davidson suffers profit slump – Trump threatens with retribution +++

The customs dispute with the EU the balance sheet of Harley-encumbered-Davidson again. In the first quarter, the Surplus fell compared with the previous year by more than a quarter of 127.9 million Dollar, such as the American motorcycle manufacturer announced. Revenues fell by twelve percent to $ 1.2 billion. U.S. President Donald Trump made on Twitter his Annoyance that the company has suffered in the EU, under increased duties, which were imposed in the Wake of the trade dispute. “So unfair to the United States,” wrote Trump and threatened with retaliation. However, the Harley sales fell in the United States, where the manufacturer is suffering from an ageing conservative clientele, even more than abroad, and Trump himself had supported last year, calls for Boycotts, because Harley had announced that Davidson, because of the punitive duties is to shift part of its production abroad.