The party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban threatened with the temporary exclusion from the EPP political family. The European people’s party (EPP) decides in the afternoon in Brussels to discuss the further handling of the right-wing nationalist Fidesz party.

Recently indicated that the Fidesz could be suspended for some months, and certain conditions would have to meet. The result will also depend on the Remarks and the meet Orban’s on-the-spot.

The approximately 260 delegates are expected to vote on a proposal, the EPP President Joseph Daul after consultation with the Rest of the Bureau will submit. From Germany, the CDU and CSU, the conservative European party family. CDU-Chef Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has agreed to appear. Also Orban has announced.

Depending on Dauls suggestion to the vote of the Fidesz-exclusion. More likely to be a temporary suspension of membership, which is subject to conditions. Could circles according to EPP, among others, the Central European University CEU can retreat to Budapest. In addition, the Fidesz in the European election campaign is likely to do nothing, what is the EPP claims. The suspension clearly would continue until after the European elections at the end of may.

Last updated 13 EPP had parties called for the exclusion or the temporary suspension of the Fidesz. Preceded by a poster campaign of the Hungarian government, which was directed against the of the EPP, has asked the EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker was gone. In the picture is Juncker to see it, along with the U.S. billionaire George Soros in an unfavorable Pose, both to be defamed with false allegations on EU migration policy.

The chief of the Luxembourg party, CSV, Frank Engel, is one of the fiercest critics of Orban’s and had demanded the complete exclusion of the Fidesz. There should be a majority in favour, the membership, to suspend temporarily, he could make friends also. “A suspension with hard conditions for an eventual whereabouts is also an Option,” said Engel, the German press Agency.

critics accuse Orban in Hungary since the years of democracy and the rule of law to undermine, to bring critical media to Silence and weaken the Opposition by repressive measures such as arbitrary fines.

the parliamentary leader of The Greens in the Bundestag, Anton Hofreiter, called for a clear sign that The decision about the exclusion was “not to lubricate the theater,” said Hofreiter of the “New osnabrück newspaper”. Hungary’s Prime Minister did not revise its price, the consequence would be the exclusion of Fidesz from the EPP. “If (EPP chief Manfred) Weber Orban’s anti-democratic policy of swallows now, because he has the votes of the Hungarian members of the EP, the EU Commission President, then he is exactly the European values on the nail, he was supposed to defend,” said Hofreiter.

The Green MEP Reinhard Bütikofer said the “Rheinische Post”, if the EPP is to “excessive Forbearance” be prepared, “the Christian Democrats of Europe a leg”.