at the beginning of lent on ash Wednesday welcome environmental organizations, the idea to abandon in the weeks leading up to Easter aware of air travel and other climate-damaging behavior.

It was good the environmental consequences of his actions clearly and to draw consequences, said Greenpeace transport expert Benjamin Stephan, the German press Agency in Berlin. “If climate is a fast for a start, Greenpeace welcomes the expressly.” But don’t help the climate, of course, to move to the USA-flight, only on the time after Easter.

Christoph Bals, Policy Director of germanwatch, said the dpa, fasting for the climate protection could be useful if it is toast because durable changes in behaviour. “To travel is to fly, by far the most environmentally harmful type. It is the need of air travel to question is practice, therefore, very useful.”

A flight from Germany to the Maldives, and a climate-effect of a good five tonnes of carbon dioxide caused, according to calculations of the Federal Environmental Agency, per Person. So you can go with a middle-class car, more than 30,000 kilometers.

the German watch-managing Director, Bals said, in other areas of daily life, every Single change could. “Who’s driving, for example, six weeks by Bus, train or bike to work instead of the car, and discovered maybe that it is cheaper, healthier and more stress-free and increases permanently. Or who omitted deliberately for some time on flesh, discovered perhaps a great vegetarian or vegan dishes.”

Bals said, especially to be asked when it comes to climate protection, but the policy, as structural problems were not solely due to the personal change of course to solve. Firstly, it is about affordable Alternatives to air travel to expand. “An example: It was exactly Wrong, the night train services in the German and French railway set and thus an Alternative – instead of expand. This should be quickly corrected.” Secondly, unfair favours of air transport would have to have an end. “Here it comes, the various subsidies for aviation and for airports to reduce and to tax finally not only gas and rail, but also the kerosene for aircraft, together with EU-neighbouring countries.”

even now, the earth has warmed to the Findings of the IPCC by about a degree, Germany and even a little more. It goes on as before, is the end of this century, the world to three degrees warmer. To stop the Trend, reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from the burning of coal and Oil, or of animal husbandry.