In the bitter dispute to driving bans in Stuttgart, the German environmental aid (DUH) coercive detention against members of the baden-württemberg state government has requested that the comprehensive prohibition of driving of Euro 5 Diesel to enforce.

In the visor, Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) and Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU), as well as the Stuttgart-based President of the government, Wolfgang Reimer are. Their political Action was decisive for the question whether the judgment of the Federal administrative court would be implemented, argued the environmental help.

The administrative court of Stuttgart confirmed on Tuesday the receipt of the previous day. From the state Ministry, it was said that the state government will take the request to the attention of. The country has four weeks time to make a statement.

The organization proposes imprisonment for up to six months, should not be implemented by the Federal administrative court upheld the decision of the administrative court of Stuttgart, Germany, from July 2017. Therefore, the Stuttgart air must contain quality plan also zonal bans for Euro-5 Diesel in the existing environmental zone. Yet this is not provided. Since last January, and driving bans for older Diesel vehicles in the state capital apply.

in Bavaria, the Association is a national politician in sight. On his complaint, the European court of justice (ECJ) on the 3. September about possible forced detention against Bavarian politician for contempt of court judgments. The occasion was the refusal of the state government, despite the legal arrangement is the possibility of Diesel-driving bans in the air quality plan for Munich to be incorporated.

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