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Minister of the environment intends to facilitate shooting of wolves (9.55 PM)in Brazil: the chief of mining group back to the dam-a tragedy (8.17 PM)Orban calls for a realignment of European migration policy (5.46 PM)US and South Korea end joint military exercises (2.17 hours), and Higher income for Workers in the country planned (0.13 PM)

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+++ 9.55 PM: environment Minister Schulze wants to facilitate firing of the wolves +++

the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD) wants to facilitate a change in the law the shooting of wolves. “If wolves have to overcome multiple protection fences, or people to come close to you, you may shoot them down,” said Schulze of the “picture on Sunday”. The wool provide you with a “Lex Wolf”. Concrete should be allowed to be shot according to the report, a Wolf in the future, if he “caused serious damages to agriculture”. “So that I can do for the Sheep farmers legal clarity and make it clear that hobby shepherd can be compensated,” said Schulze.

the report of the week

danger for animals

As a shepherd in the lüneburg Heath against wolves

The shepherd Hanz Proud of upgrading already has some of his livestock to wolves to be lost. Now he is upgrading in the lüneburg Heath: With modern technology, he’s trying to protect his animals from wolves.

+++ 8.17 PM: Brazil: the chief of mining group back to the dam-tragedy +++

After the disastrous dam break in an iron ore mine in Brazil, with almost 200 dead, the head of the operator group can be in office until Further notice to rest. Fábio Schvartsman and three other managers had offered the Board a temporary withdrawal of functions, informed the mining company Vale. The group have previously received recommendations from the General Prosecutor’s office and the Prosecutor’s office of the Federal state of Minas Gerais, which this person would be in favour of consequences. The Vale Board wool in a transparent and constructive working with the Brazilian authorities, it said in the company message.

+++ 5.46 PM: Orban calls for a realignment of European migration policy +++

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban for a realignment of European migration policy. “We need a method that we can, in spite of different points of view can live together,” said Orban of the “world on Sunday”. “The Migration springing questions you have to take the Commission out of Hand.”

Orban called for the establishment of a new Institution at the European level: “You have to create a separate body in which only the interior Ministers of the Schengen Zone represented. Just as in the case of the Eurozone, where there is a separate Council of Finance Ministers.” In this Council all should be able to “the entire Schengen Zone issues on the way, as this will make professionals and not like politicians”.

+++ 2.17 PM: US and South Korea end joint military exercises +++

The United States and South Korea have decided not to North Korea, sharply criticized the joint military exercises. The field maneuvers “Foal Eagle” – the largest annual military exercises – will be just as finished as the command training “Key Resolve”, the US Department of defense. Previously, the Pentagon had on the phone-chief Patrick Shanahan with the South Korean defense Minister Jeong Kyeong Doo. In their conversation went, according to the conclusions of the recent summit meeting between US President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un in Hanoi.

+++ 1.33 PM: at Least 20 Dead in Floods in Afghanistan +++

In the event of Flooding in the südafghanischen province of Kandahar came according to the UN, at least 20 people were killed. Ten other people, among them several children, were still missing, according to the UN office for humanitarian Affairs on Saturday. Up to 2000 houses in the provincial capital of Kandahar and surrounding districts had possibly been damaged. Vice-Governor Abdul Hanan Moneeb spoke of the worst Floods in seven years. Since Friday night, 400 to families of the army had been saved. The persistent heavy rain for the disabled, according to the Afghan air force, but the work of the rescue forces.

+++ 0.13 at: Higher income for Workers in the country planned +++

The employees of the public service of the countries to get 8% higher wages, at least 240 euros. The term of the collective agreement should be for 33 months, such as trade unions and employers, said in Potsdam.

news from Saturday, 2. March+++ 19.49 at: Estonians choose a new Parliament +++

The Estonians are called up on Sunday (08.00 – 19.00), to choose a new Parliament. According to surveys, the centre of trepidation-left coalition under Prime Minister Juri Ratas to their majority. Above all, the national-conservative Ekre can count on a significant increase in votes. Since the election in 2015, it is represented by only seven deputies in the 101 seats in Parliament count, it could well be 21.

This would unlock Ekre almost to the opposition liberal reform party and, together with the social Democrats and the conservative Pro Patria ruling centre party. Ekres recovery is rooted strongly in a General rise of xenophobia in Estonia and in the EU in General. However, the party is not the outlet for the EU, what matters in the Pro-European former Soviet Republic in the case of the majority of the 1.3 million inhabitants.

+++ 18.21 PM: son of the Camorra Boss is Italian police into the grid +++

The last fugitive son of the Camorra Boss Paolo Di Lauro is the Italian police into the net. The 38-year-old Marco Di Lauro was arrested in an apartment in Naples, where he stayed with his wife, as Italian media reported, citing the authorities. Since 2004 he has been on the run, and the number two of the most wanted criminals in Italy.

+++ 17.05 clock: A severely injured in a fire on a carnival float in Oberhausen +++

During the traditional carnival parade in Oberhausen-Osterfeld car caught fire. A man was severely injured, more easily, as the police told the speaker. The accident occurred, therefore, before the beginning of the turn.

The heavy got injured on a carnival powered power wagon tried with a gasoline generator, fuel to pour without issue, the spokesman said. The have caused a deflagration, with a flame to have injured the carnival difficult. He was with eggof a helicopter into a special clinic to be flown.

Four Helping suffered minor injuries due to the fire arms and face, as the police spokesman said. A helper broke his leg. The carnival procession started, according to local media, with great delay.

+++ 15.10: “yellow West”-protests in France +++

a number of people have in France at 16. Weekend in a row of “yellow West”protests, participated. In Paris, several Hundred participants from the arc de Triomphe started to a twelve-kilometre-long March through the capital, as the station France info reported. Demonstrations there were Reports of the channel BFMTV in other cities, such as Nantes and Bordeaux.

The movement had begun to increase in November with protests against planned fuel price, meanwhile, but generally against the reform policy of the centre government of President Emmanuel Macron. Your name has the movement of the yellow high-visibility vests bearing the protesters. In the case of the protests in the past weeks clashes with security forces.

+++ 15.02 PM: Several Thousand reform in Berlin +++

some 3,500 people demonstrate against copyright in Berlin against the EU copyright reform and the possible introduction of so-called Upload-Filter is demonstrated. The organizers called the number coincided approximately with the estimate of a Reuters reporter. Were logged in, according to police information 300. The protesters moved from the Axel-Springer-Verlag in the district of Kreuzberg over to the Federal Ministry of justice for representation of the EU Commission at the Brandenburg gate. The Reform proposed in article 13, will have “a massive impact on the freedom of expression and the diversity of the Internet,” said the Alliance “Berlin 13”.

article 13, to take on commercial platforms such as YouTube, the copyright more. Users uploaded Material, such as, for example, Videos should be checked. “However, this will only work with automatic Filters, which could then be too much to filter out,” said Volker Grassmuck from the Association’s Digital society. Thus, the fear is that even legal quotes, such messages could be sorted out in the contributions of Internet users. “Then you have to Lodge a complaint or even sue”. This would lead to a decline in the diversity of opinion on the Internet, said Grassmuck.

+++ 13.57 PM: Stansted airport, after the incident at Lauda flight line for three hours +++

locked After an incident when an aircraft of the line Lauda motion with eight injured in the London Airport is Stansted for three hours, been locked. The machine in the direction of Vienna, broke off their Start on Friday night due to engine problems and was evacuated on the runway “for security reasons”, as the line of the former Austrian formula 1 Stars Niki Lauda, said in the short message service Twitter. The passengers were therefore brought a Bus back to the Terminal and were booked on a replacement flight. According to data from the airport were injured when start crash eight people easily. The airport was closed for three hours. Flights to Stansted had to switch to other Airports. Against 23.00 PM, the runway was released again.

+++ 13.47 PM: memorial stone for German destroyed synagogue in Strasbourg desecrated +++

In Strasbourg, is a memorial stone for the destroyed Old synagogue business has been landed. The stone had been thrust into the night from his Pedestal and “damaged”, said the Deputy mayor Alain Fontanel in the social network Facebook. It was “obviously a new anti-Semitism in our city,” wrote Fontanel. “We have to do together with the police to do everything in our Power to ensure that those responsible are arrested.”

According to information provided by the departments of Bas-Rhin investigations were initiated. Strasbourg mayor Roland Ries, condemned the act: “It is enough,” he reiterated with a view to anti-Semitic crimes on its Facebook page. The President of the Region Grand-Est, Jean Rottner, reaffirmed its “support for the entire Jewish community”. The speaker of the regional Association of the Israelite community, Thierry Roos, said: “there is no doubt that this is a deliberate act. They wanted to wipe out the memory of the synagogue”.

+++ 13.36 PM: Göring-Eckardt warns against old-age poverty especially in the East +++

The Green politician Katrin Göring-Eckardt has warned of the impending old-age poverty especially in East Germany, and more justice is demanded. “Old-age security and children’s basic security must be the Basics for what is necessary to make a government in these days, when it comes to justice,” said the group leader of the Greens in the Federal Parliament on a Congress of the Saxon Green in Chemnitz. You have a lot of time had to ensure that there are for pensioners guarantee pension.

Göring-Eckardt has accused the Federal government with a view to the controversy on the basic pension, to have the whole of the Republic in this question for weeks, with coalition disputes busy. When it comes to the poverty of the elderly and children, listening to you for 20 years, always the same lyre, that no money was available. “You could do it the easy times,” said the group leader.

+++ 12.23 PM: Despite storm Worries: Mainz train organizers confident +++

the organizers of The Street carnival in Mainz, in spite of the announced stormy weather, confident that the carnival can take place. “We assume that the train starts on Monday at 11.11 PM,” said a spokesman for the Mainzer Carneval-Verein (MCV). You’ll keep the predictions to the wind strengths throughout the weekend in view, currently, the weather forecasts were rather “relaxed” than on the previous day. As in the case of large-scale events is common, would in any case backed up banners, stages and tents for Wind and weather, the spokesman said. Theoretically, a cancellation at short notice would be, in his words, is still possible. “I think this is unrealistic.”

+++ 12.08 PM: number of dead to attack the Shebab militia in Mogadishu on 20 +++

risen Following the attack by the Islamist Shebab militia in Somalia, the number of dead has risen to at least 20. Helper had discovered after the end of the fighting on Friday evening another corpse, said the head of the private rescue service Aamin, Abdikadir Abdirahman aw, the AFP news Agency. Earlier, the Somali head of government Hassan Ali Khaire had promised additional efforts in the fight against the Islamists militia.

+++ 11.20 PM: Four Dead in firefights between India and Pakistan in Kashmir +++in the Midst of dhe new tensions between India and Pakistan, and battles with fire in the border area of Kashmir, at least four civilians were killed and eleven more injured. In the Indian part of the region of conflict, a 24-year-old woman and her two children were also killed, said a spokesman for the Indian police. The father was badly injured. By Pakistani shelling, there had been also seven more injured on the Indian side, it said in media reports.

In the Pakistani part of Kashmir had killed a Boy and three other people, according to Pakistani security forces. The armies of the feuding neighbors were shot since Friday, always at different Places across the De facto border between the two countries controlled Parts of Kashmir.

+++ 9.53 PM: car crashes in South Africa, with two mini buses – 13 Dead +++

In the case of a serious traffic accident in South Africa have been according to media reports, at least 13 people were killed. On Saturday, a car and two mini buses found on a road in the Free State province in the centre of the country, as the news site eNCA reported.

The car was off the road, I first striped the first Minibus and then collided head-on with the second Minibus, said Hilary Mophete, spokeswoman for the roads and transport authority of the province, the news channel. The second Minibus began, therefore, immediately fire, eleven people died in the flames. In addition, the driver of the car, and a Person from the first Minibus had died. Six other people were injured, three of them seriously.

+++ 7.55 PM: Five people die in fire in Bavaria +++

In the case of the fire in a Nuremberg house, four children and a woman are killed. “An infant died in the hospital; three children aged four, five and seven years, died at the fire scene,” said a police spokeswoman on Saturday morning. A 34-year-old woman did not survive the fire. Four other people were hospitalized with serious injuries.

The fire broke out early in the Morning, in the single-family house in Nuremberg’s industrial area. The cause of the fire was initially unclear. “We currently do not have any information on arson, determine, but in all directions,” said the police spokesperson.

+++ 6.27 PM: Canadian government conducts extradition proceedings against Huawei Manager a +++

The canadian government has set the course for the delivery of the Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in the United States. The Ministry of justice in Ottawa on Friday, according to their own statements, formally, the conditions for Extradition were met. China criticized the action of the canadian authorities as politically motivated.

The chief financial officer of smart phone and technology giants had been taken at the beginning of December, on the initiative of the USA in the Western canadian city of Vancouver. You free came later, against the payment of a million bail and under strict conditions. The US government accuses Meng violations of the Iran sanctions. The daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei was charged therefore at the end of January together with your company in Federal court in New York.

+++ 5.07 PM: Venezuela: Guaidó calls for Anti-Maduro rally +++

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó has called for renewed protests against the government of the state chief, Nicolás Maduro, carnival days in the coming week. “We will transform the Tradition of the carnival in a large protest action,” said Guaidó in Buenos Aires after Meeting with Argentine President Mauricio Macri.

Guaidó had come on his South American tour earlier on Friday morning in Asuncion with Paraguay head of state Mario Abdó Benítez. On Saturday he wanted to speak in Quito with the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, declared the interim President. In Lima it is expected then, according to local media on Sunday.