According to the US special investigator Robert Mueller and the us attorney in New York City Süd has begun to take an interest in the house of representatives of the USA for Donald trump’s activities. More precisely: for its financial management and that of his company, the Trump organization. In addition to possible financial links with “foreign actors” and from this humble appeal to the U.S. President to investigate Federal authorities also abnormalities in Trumps presidential inauguration in January 2017.

$ 175,000 daily rent in Trump Hotel

Already at the end of last year it was announced that trump Hotel in Washington had increased its prices to the inaugura day extremely. From E-Mails from the management for the use of conference, the exorbitant sum of $ 175,000 per day has been called. And in fact, found someone who was willing to pay so much money: the official Inaugurations Committee. So the Committee that organized the Celebration for the inauguration of the new President. With other words: The entrepreneur Trump could have earned with the official Ceremony for the President, the Trump tidy.

What are the consequences, is still unclear. It came to the payment, confirmed a spokesman for the Committee for the American Investigative network, “Pro Publica”. Within the Committee, it had been because of it’s extremely high price, concerns about the booking of the rooms, but he was paid in the end. The Committee consists of leading members of the government as well as opposition party and has a non-profit economies. If the investigation concludes that the Committee knowingly market knowledge has paid unusual prices, this is illegal, “Pro Publica”.

Donald Trump, celebrated for 100 million

The recent inauguration celebration is also the criticism that it cost 100 million dollars, the Double, like that of Barack Obama in 2009, until then the most expensive in the history of the country. Already in March of last year, have made the enormous costs of journalists curious, since December, the operations around the 20. January also officially investigated. Previously, it was assumed that there were Trumps choice supporters, who wanted to get as inauguration financiers for a piece of the pie. The new investigation is likely to amplify the already loud criticism of Trumps opaque shortcuts of office and company policy.

dubious donors

“Possible crimes”: planner of Donald trump’s presidential inauguration in sight of the Prosecutor’s office


Officially, the US President, the management of the Trump organization to his sons Donald Jr. and Eric made, yet he remains the owner of the company. Companies, special interest groups, but also other countries, staying in Hotels could see a way to influence political decisions in their favor. The very close business relationship between trump’s business Empire and the rulers of Saudi including Arabia for frown. The representative of the ruler of the house, which is accused of being behind the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, are regularly in the Trump buildings. The US President is criticized because it has avoided so far, to criticize the Royal family publicly too much.

sources: “Pro Publica”, WNYC, “Bloomberg”