A week before the European elections, the right-wing conservative government in Austria is broken. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) announced a coalition with the right-wing populist FPÖ. He had proposed to the Federal President, Alexander Van der Bellen, “early elections in Austria – and in the fastest possible time,” said Short on Saturday in Vienna. In the evening a statement from the Van, the barking was expected.

the trigger for the government crisis is a Video that shows how the FPÖ-leader Heinz-Christian Strache, a supposed Russian Oligarch 2017 in Ibiza, public procurement and the prospect had made, if you help the right-wing populist freedom party to electoral success. Strache, resigned on Saturday as Vice-Chancellor and FPÖ-boss.

in Short: the FPÖ is detrimental to the Reputation of our country

But this is not enough. “Enough is enough”, said the head of government. The FPÖ claims to the reform project of his government. “It also harms the Reputation of our country.” In the conversations that he has had with the FPÖ, he did not gained the impression that the party had to be fundamental changes to ready. “That would be (…) more than necessary.”

FPÖ-Chef Strache

Why Jan böhmermann already knew in advance of the unveiling video?

He could now try to get the Power to maintain, by exchange of heads. He could strive for a “flying change to the social democracy”. “I am convinced that both is what our country needs,” said Short, but. He wanted to continue to work for Austria, and “with the support of the majority of the population”. Currently, however, there was neither partners: “I think that this is not currently with anyone,” said Short. The FPÖ could not this, the social Democrats shared his content additions.

Strache had apologized for being in the Video-documented behavior, but stressed that there had been no illegal transactions. “Yes, it was stupid, it was irresponsible and it was a mistake,” admitted Strache. At the same time, he spoke of a “targeted political assassination” and a “secret service staged lock the case”. He will make use of all media, legal and criminal legal remedies against it.

Strache: Remarks very embarrassing

“It was a drunken story, and I was tempted in an intimate atmosphere, even unreflective, and to argue with a loose tongue about anything and everything. And Yes, my Comments were sober seen disastrous and very embarrassing,” said Strache.