For foreign clergy who wish to work in Germany, to be proof of German language skills according to the will of the government of the future obligation.

The government is planning to do a corresponding Change in the entry conditions, said a spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry of the German press Agency. The design was not completed in detail yet. “It is now a question of what language level must be demonstrated,” the spokesman said. So far, the proof of German language skills is no entry requirement.

Due to the increase in the number of immigrants of the last few years, the need for the religious care of foreigners will grow, the Ministry announced on. The clergy have in the respective municipalities “is also a model and a consultant function, which is for a peaceful living together of different cultures and religions, as well as for a successful Integration, in particular, also a new immigrant in Germany”. This “integrative effect” could develop foreign clergy better, “if you speak the German language with Germany and its culture”.

demands for English skills, especially in the case of Islamic clerics from abroad, there had been in the past. Recently, the head of the Union means state Association had pronounced, Carsten Linnemann (CDU), for the introduction of a visa for religious preachers, which should be linked to knowledge of the German language.

How many imams in Germany, is not naming exactly. Statistics on the number of in Germany, foreign-born clergy in General or the Islamic religion does not staff (prayer leader, preacher) specifically, there are, according to the Ministry. Linnemann had spoken about 2000 imams in Germany, the “could have little or no English”.

staff 1049 Islamic Religion (as of January 2019) in municipalities of the Turkish Islam Association Ditib in Germany, of which 149 are female, said the Ministry, citing the Ditib. This had in General a limited residence title, and returned after about four years, or earlier in Turkey.

The Ditib, the biggest Islam organization in Germany, because of their proximity to the government in Ankara and its dependence on the Turkish state religious authority Diyanet for several years in the criticism. The Diyanet is sending for the approximately 960 Ditib mosque congregations, imams to Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had pronounced the end of 2018 the UK should train more Islamic preachers. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had on the 4. Islam conference in Berlin in November of the Islamic communities in Germany required, step by step by foreign donors to make free and to lift the training of preachers to a large extent.